Xperia X the device is permanently locked

Today I reset my Xperia X after some problems with telegram and open openrepos phone crashed… i decidde to reboot the phone and after boot appears a screen with “Liian monta yritystä, laite on lukittu pysyvästi”… “the device is permanently locked”

The same error with and without sim-card, what can i do?


Usually this happens when the device’s PIN has been entered wrongly too many times.

Try the recovery mode. It has an option to remove the lock state. But you’ll need to know your PIN for this.

@rozgwi gave you the links for Jolla phone.
I guess this here is the one for the X to use:

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Well… I know the security code but sometimes i enter it wrong by mistake, this time there was no error with the security code, just phone freezes before opening openrepos.

My phone is up anrunning again thanks to this links but i have some error “i cant find some folder” when i insert this commands:

chroot /rootfs
/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/devicelock/encsfa-fpd --check-code 12345 (on 1234 i enter my real security code)

Anyway phone is fine now, thanks foy your answers, stay safe.