Xperia X - Store not showing. Fdroid not showing. Cannot receive SMS - Overwhelmed

I just bought my phone, a Xperia X. When I download apps they don’t appear in “my apps”. I can’t find them at all. Also I can send texts but I can’t receive them. The phone isn’t much good at the moment.

The X has been a very powerful and nice device. And to lots it is still…

So please decribe your problems in detail.
In heading you have three items. In text you only refer to two.
Topic title

  • first guess: did you add a Jolla account on that device?
  • second guess: how should F-Droid show up? Did you install from Store? Or download from F-Droid itself and instalk APK directly?
  • third guess: you can’t send (as in title) or can’t receive texts (as in topic). What is texts?

Topic text

  • first one first guess: apps ‘downloaded’ from where and how? Default download folder is /home/nemo/Downloads
  • second one second guess: as asked above.

So it appears I don’t have a android license. As to texts, I mean SMS. I can send but not receive them.

Yes, you need a full license to have Android support.
You can get it from Please make sure to use the same account.

Regarding SMS: I fortunately had not to deal with this but remember some discussions:
take a look at the first comment and the links inside.

Which version of SFOS is installed on that X?
If something before 3.0.2 then I suggest to update (but NOT to!).

I have 3.3.016 it seems. I got the phone recently. I don’t know much about SFOS. I believe I need to update to the version with 4.4.4 Android support? The cost keeps rising.

Well I’m downloading a zip file to my Mac. How do I get this onto my phone?

This seems beyond me. I have no idea how to get this stuff onto my phone. Especially from a Mac. Why does the Jolla website say " Sailfish X licence from Jolla allows installing Sailfish OS (Sailfish X) on the Sony Xperia and Gemini PDA devices listed below. The licence makes it also possible to update Sailfish OS over-the-air, triggered from the phone UI." Why can’t I update to the full version via the phone, and why wasn’t I told about all of this prior to purchase?

"What is included in the licensed content?

Sailfish OS updates
Android support
Allows installing Aptoide and other Android app stores which in turn makes it possible to install actual Android apps."

Why was I sold a phone with a “Free” version, a trial version, on it? It is ridiculous. And now when I stupidly buy the full version I don’t have the ability to update it via the phone! This should all have been done before I was sold the phone. I am angry that I have found myself in this situation.

Did you buy the phone with SFOS preinstalled? Or is it a second-hand device?

@redfoxcountry relax, before you are getting totally frustrated. SFOS is something totally world to Android or iOS. As you are saying you bought SFOS, then its definately the Android supported version you got, as you would get the community edition for free. Over the air update is included in the commercial license, which means you can update through the push of a button on your phone. For the sms, there where some problems in the past with not available telephone network, but they should be resolved now. Maybe you were missing a telephone network right the moment when you wanted to send the sms. I sometimes also have this problems, then restarting the device and checking if a network is available should resolve this problem. As SFOS is an alternative OS with a small company behind, and users install it themself, don’t expect too much support. Maybe in a few years, when the EU understood that it is the only european option left, and we will have millions of users one day, then you can be sure, support will be appropriate. So lets hope both things will fulfill :slight_smile:

No, it does not support Android. OK? It is the free version. I bought the version that does support Android but I can’t install it as the process is too complicated. The text issue is also not resolved. I don’t know why you’re posting what you are, but it isn’t true.

I purchased a new phone. It does not support android. Fact.

It is a new phone. It came preinstalled. But I’ve been told it doesn’t support android by Giovanni from Jolla.

I have the impression that you bought the device from the website
This has no affiliation with jolla and I think he declares clearly on his homepage that the devices come with the free versions that must be upgraded to get Android Support.
This is necessary because Jolla does not allow to transfer the licence with the device.
Upgrading to paid version is easy (but costs of course) and you do not have to reflash.

If you bought the license from Jolla you have to use the same jolla account in your phone that you used to acquire the license, otherwise the store will not provide the bought contents.

Hello David. Yes you are correct. That is where I bought the device. I didn’t see where he states the phones only have the free version, but anyway, I have the full version now. I have been told all I need to do is sign into my account, but I don’t see anyway of updating via it. What am I doing wrong?

There are 2 separate things here: you bought the device, but did you buy a licence from Jolla? You need this for android support. Once you buy it it automatically appears in the store.

the android support can be installed like an app from the jolla store if you are logged in with the correct account

Yes David, I have installed all things neccesaery but I can’t use them, or see them in “my apps”. The only option is to uninstall them. Which seems to point to the fact my account hasn’t been updated.

you have to open the jolla store app and enter the section “recommended by Jolla”. there you can select the AD app with the green Android figure icon

In my apps you only see apps you already installed