Xperia X, how do I mount the filesystem on my Linux box

How do I mount the filesystem on SailfishOS in recovery mode?

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I think this will work, but a quick question… Do you know if there’s an archive site for SailfishOS releases? I can’t boot into the 3.04 recovery because the device had either 3.03 or 3.02.

It worked multiple times.

Unfortunately I do not know how you can get older versions, but I am also interested in it, because I need just in case something goes wrong. I have this locally
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I’ll see what I can hunt down

please post, if you find out how to get older source

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There is a project collecting torrents for older releases out there. That might help.



@deloptes you could add your current zips to this maybe :slight_smile:

great but I need for h3113 - where do you find those files?

and what about md5 or sha checksums?

you mean upload torrents?

why is Jolla not providing these? They provide the packages per release already, but we need the ZIP files in case we have to use the emergency boot.

I think they should, maybe it’s an internal server thing?