Xperia Tama port: discussion on future direction

Very interesting points actually:

  • videos often do not resume as well on officially supported devices
  • there was an issue in the past with camera, that it was refocusing before taking the shot, the manual focus mode does not suffer from that
  • overexposed highlights can be observed in pictures taken without flash too.

I will start moving builds to OBS as we have it working now.


Re VP9: that was mainly found via journal or logcat, don’t remember now

Re camera flash: we have something way more interesting - you get a flash firing just before making picture. So, exposure is set assuming flash and the picture is taken without it. As a result, mostly black square is what you get as a photo :slight_smile:

Re overexposure: I don’t know where exposure is calculated. Would expect it to be in the BLOBs

Re lipstick: In our case it is probably due to some AOSP10/BLOBs bug. At least AOSP developers told that there are some issues with rendering of singlesurface (whatever that means). As we can resolve it by bumping GPU frequency, I think we are good now.

Re Sony related or not: hard to judge. AOSP/Sony is using QCOM BLOBs. Whether they have similar bugs on other devices, I don’t know

The beta release fixed the slow framerate issue. The phone feels nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beta is prepared for release, not released yet. Wanted to test a bit before tagging it.

Hehehe. :slightly_smiling_face: Saw the update on github and followed the alpha to beta OTA thinking we are good to go.

No harm done. The only think i noticed was that i didn’t have zgovernor installed and i got a “no such package” message. Everything else was on point.

At least we know that works.

Its good to know that OTA works. I presume that zgovernor issue was a response to uninstall request in the beginning of the instructions, right?

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Yes. There was nothing to uninstall.

As there were no requests on keeping AOSP9 and all of those who have been testing AOSP10 based builds seem to be OK with it, I am going to conclude this discussion and we are switching to AOSP10 based port.

My own impression of AOSP10 based port are positive. Few days ago zgovernor has been updated and takes care of GPU scaling to ensure that the glitches are absent or very rare on XZ3 (as far as I know) and interaction with Lipstick is smooth. The power drain seems to be OK (handles similar amount of time as earlier for me), but I will leave it to others to compare.


Since this is a discussion thread for the tama port has anyone discovered apps (that have aarch64 support) in the store and don’t install?
So far only corereader is the one i found but there could be more.

I reflashed my xz2c last week to sf4.1 and I am very happy with the results. It’s great to have the camera working and the only downsides so far have been 2 unprovoked crashes. It feels a good bit faster; the battery can be erratic depending on what’s open, so I try to keep apps to a minimum. Thank you Rinigus and others who made this possible.

Speaking of crashes -and with the fear of jinxing it- i’ll just say that my uptime as i type this is 41 days.

Goes to show the quality of the port and OS from a stability POV. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Update: battery more erratic in hotter weather…at 28C outside, the phone on my car seat overheats a lot with a few apps open. Then suddenly drained to zero and shut down. Unfortunately didn’t have battery buddy open to warn me.

btw - I noticed a couple of new issues open in Github page by rinigus… Maybe some update activity coming soon.

It is related to encryption of /home using new implementation. Some work is still needed, though.

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