Xperia II, during phone calls, the screen turns black and I can hardly use any of the buttons

Whenever I make or get a call, the phone goes to black and the buttons stop working.
Any button press turns the screen on for half a second until it turns to black again.
Continuing to press audio buttons randomly breaks the spell.

Looks your proximity sensor has some issues. First I’d test it. Open settings->About->touch fastly 3 times on Version.

It will open the CSD Tool. Accept, choose individual test and Proximity sensor.


‘About’ is the “i” in square with ‘About the device’ right?
Tapping three times does nothing.

  • Open Settings
  • Open About Devices
  • Touch 3 times on Version.

Ah, I don’t know why I read that as ‘to turn on Version’.

It’s test procedure tells me I need to
cover and uncover the proximity sensor three times.
How do I do that?

My proximity sensor seems to be very unresponsive.
I need to press very hard to get anything.
The glass on my phone is cracked, so I’ll bring it to the repair shop.


  1. Put your phone on a plane surface, start the test.
  2. Hold your hand over the phone and move it closer until the phone detects your hand.
  3. Repeat last action 2 or 3 times