Xperia Ace IV - new small smartphone!

So not sure if you follow but it seems Sony will release new Xperia ACE to the world not only limit to Japan.
Here are specs:

The prices for it in India are suggested to be 29999,-
So doesn’t look bad.
If we consider it’s 5.5" and 21:9 it could be a good replacement for XZ Compact.

Here’s some article:

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1,00 Indische Rupie =
0,011271519 Euro
1 EUR = 88,7192 INR

(Info from 1 INR in EUR | Von Indische Rupien in Euro umrechnen | XE )
so EUR 338,-

(just for info)

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here is even less suggested:


not gonna happen
leave your hopes

You mean the price or that it wil be available in Asia only?

i mean no sfos for it

nice phone im hope i can buy in germany…

well I don’t ask for SFOS for it. First SFOS need to get basic things implemented and working then we can start adding more phones. I think I mentioned this many many times. It’s just for Xperia Compact users as right now if that phone will be available in EU then it means it would be the best alternative for these users.

This phone is a rumor. Once it hits the market and makes it into the open devices program then we can talk about SFOS on it.

Other than that it is “affordable” and the specs are ok i guess. It could be smaller though.


Yes i also thought it’s only half an inch smaller in the diagonal than the xperia 10 ii and even one inch bigger than the xperia x compact

it’s not a rumor:

Still, it’s not available yet nor any hints regarding the open devices program…

That’s implied by posting here.

This is bad assumption. There are people here that use Xperia Compact with SFOS with community ports. I left this info here so they can also get this info. Dunno if they have their own forum or not. And I nowhere stated that I want to get SFOS running on it so it’s just your bad assumption.

If it’s not about Sailfish, it’s not for this forum. Sorry i assumed you were on-topic for the forum.

When I first read the original post, I was a bit puzzled about the purpose of this topic. If your intention is not to make a request concerning the official support, then it would be good to mention that.

@attah @tuplasuhveli really?
There are many posts in this forum (Devices) that are totally not related to SFOS.
And I really nowhere mentioned that I’m asking for a support.
Instead you are trying to persuade me that it’s my fault that I didn’t mention that I’m not asking for a device support even that this forum it seems it’s not only for that.
I’m sorry but it’s not me who made some mistake here.

I looked through more than hundred latest topics in this section and this is the count:

Official support: 72 (including the selling topics of officially supported devices)
Ports: 25
Other: 3 (repair) 1 (older versions) 1 (MB.OS) 2 (e-ink displays) 1 (provider issues) 1 (SAR issues) 1 (dual-sim with SD-card)
Not related: 1 (this topic)

You might be right about there being topics not related to SFOS at all, but they seem to be a really small minority on this forum.

Nobody said you did. But like I wrote previously, it would be good to mention what you are going after with the new topic. Otherwise, the topic being related to SFOS somehow is a healthy assumption to make, since we’re on a SFOS forum.

No need to take this personally, but please read the original post and see, if your intentions are clear to a random reader. Just to reassure: I have nothing against you.

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Compact 5,5 inch…thanks

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