Xperia 10II, update hangs after boot

I’m currently watching an xperia 10ii with the new update bar at 100% doing, it seems, nothing.

The update from seemed to run smoothly. Reboot, asked for pin, and the status bar started moving.

Is it usual to wait 20 minutes for something to happen?

If nothing happens for 20 minutes, you should reboot.
Had this a couple of times on 10mk1.

99% of the time it ends ok.

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Ok. Did that. Had to Vol+ reboot, but it seemed ok. All the basic tests pass. I’m so used to updating with zypper on a volla and watching progress that I was a bit concerned :slight_smile: Thanks!

It did the same for me, too. I suspect there’s a question about some package behind the scenes, but there’s no way to see it. Running sfos-upgrade after forced reboot finalized the remaining few OpenRepos packages, and after that it’s all good :slight_smile:

I checked packages and there didn’t appear to be anything missing. I used zypper / pkcon to check. hmmmm.

I. am. afraid. I have to admit I bought a license to see, what I might see. Stared at the Android app support, Predictive text input and … Microsoft Exchange. No, I will not be tempted to install whatsapp. no. no. no.

Back to the volla :wink: