Xperia 10 Wifi doesn't work

I’ve just received my new Xperia 10 l4113, and followed all the instructions provided by Jolla.
It was with Android 10 so I did the downgrade with Emma to Android 9 (53.0.A.69 I guess).
Did the flashing all correctly but Wifi protected with WPA3 doensn’t want to work. Fdroid says no connections, but from Jolla Store I can download apps strangely. Browser also is working. But in settings under WLAN it says limited connection. Really don’t know what to do, can anyone help me?

Hi, couple of questions:

  • Can you try with some other WLAN and if you can do you see the same problems with that?
  • Can you connect to that “Wind3 HUB-ECF891” with other devices and does the connection work with those?
  • Since you can download apps and browser works, I assume that you have mobile network enabled so the connection is working through that. If you disable Mobile network under Settings/System then most likely you can’t anymore download apps etc.

You could also check this help article about WLAN: WLAN Troubleshooting | Sailfish OS Documentation

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I’ll reply here as you suggested in zendisk. Well, right after connecting my Xperia to the WIND3-HUB with the password strange things happened, like the other PC of mum started losing connections and ultimately saying no internet access. Also, my PS4 lost connection and bugged itself so I needed to reboot it. Generally, if the Sailfish device is connected something bugged down and this happen. The Router just stopped working correctly! :open_mouth: Also, on my Xperia after forgetting and re-insering the password of the WLAN, multiple times, it finally said connection enstablished and I saw that because System Firmware Update page finds that I’m on latest version. So for now I can only use Mobile Data, the WLAN bugs everything and works only for the browser and Jolla Store. Android apps doesn’t work. Neither the firmware upgrader… Also you see in the screenshot that it connects to 5.3 Ghz, that’s cool, but the max speed is very limited! On Android it says 433 Mb/s.

Sounds like a router problem.

The maximum speed thing is SFOS does not work. I have measured higher than what it says.
Similarly, but in reverse, in Android you will not be able to reach the speed.

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I confirm. On my 10III with SFOS, wifi details display a 54 Mbps connection but tells me I’ve downloaded at 500 Mbps and uploaded at 300 Mbps.

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So your bet is that it’s the router? I should put WPA2 only password or it’s ok to use WPA2/WPA3? The maximum speed is broken then, should report it.

So SFOS (using the AOSP layer) perfectly uses the antennas of 10 III and so you have excellent speed. My problem otherwise is that other then that indication, obviously broken, connection is unstable, sometimes WLAN works, other time it says limited and Jolla Store too stop downloading, android apps don’t have internet ect… I paid for the license and can’t use the device

Wanted to report that downgrading to Sfos completely fix this issue, all fine now… I have already sent logs to Jolla, hope, hope they fix it in Struven Ketju!!!