Xperia 10 V support? Is SFOS to be continued at all?

Today I dropped my so far reliable Volla and successfully installed the famous “spiderman app” with that.
Now that I am using sailfish for quite some time and I am very happy about everything I do not want to switch to anything else, but reading between the lines here in the forums it seems to me that development activity seems to be rather low in the last months, there seem to be no newer devices being supported, even for the Xperia IV I couldn’t find a definite answer if or if not there will be a port.
I digged through the github projects but quickly got lost trying to find out which additionally (community) supported devices there may be yet.
So does anyone know if there will be support for the Xperia 10V?

I also noticed that there is a refactoring SFOS topic here and also a few topics about people who seem to feel the need leaving to an other OS and are looking for alternatives. Is SFOS not being continued anymore?


I would recommend to ignore this refactoring “project”, as it is driven by a single person with questionable reputation.


There was a small patch yesterday. The refactoring is a bit premature and the leader is an outsider who has mental health problems.

Basically, in spite of Jolla apparently running a profit recently, it’s in administration again. It seems there’s a fairly barebones staff operating again.

This is somewhat due to the war and needing to find an investor that isn’t the Russian state. I don’t think they’re in massive trouble because the immediate debt is relatively small and various community members would be happy to buy shares.

Finnish administration isn’t the same as that in other countries and is seemingly being used to get Rostelcom to sell their shares more cheaply.

I haven’t followed this issue recently and there may be more recent clarifying info I’ve missed.

There will likely be no development on the 10 V in the short-medium term. It is likely there’s been some development on the 10 IV if it’s similar architecture to the 10 III.


I can confirm that everything @davidrasch and @David wrote about the refactoring project is congruent to my own impression.

There is always a certain background noise of people now quitting Sailfish OS after 35 years (and sometimes for the 35th time. :wink: ) because something does or does not do something.

My approach is to enjoy the time and not speculate about a darker or brighter future or upcoming devices. I lived well as an Apple user in the 90s when the company was bankrupt every other day. And I am a happy Sailfish user now.
A little leakage doesn’t sink the ship.


:grimacing: I hope you are not indicating, that Jolla is going the Apple way. I would interpret this as a menace. :rofl: :upside_down_face:


OMG! No!
If so: It didn’t take long to put linux on my last Mac back in those days.


I also agree that the ‘refactoring’ project is suspect. On another note, the moment Jolla offers opportunities to buy shares, I’d happily invest a hefty amount. I have no doubt others have far more to invest. Especially if an announcement was cast to investors here in the USA.

Yesterday they released the latest SailfishOS update. I believe in SFOS (Two days ago I got an Xperia 10iii, bought and installed Sailfish!) and I was thinking that even if they stop any support, for some years I will continue using it. I wouldn’t suggest to buy a device expecting that it will get officially supported.


Can’t say I have a lot to money to do so, but I’d definitely interested as well :wink:

Well, all these answers give me a bit confidence back indeed, but I am still a bit worried about the support for some a bit more (modern) devices, I can’t seem to get a new Xperia 10 III here for a reasonable price (if at all) and obviously for the IV or V there is no evident information.

On a side note, if there would be even a very little more smartphone models officially supported I am sure that SFOS would get way more public attention. I absolutely see the problems involved with that, but I often heard rumors in the last years that Sony was supposed to leave the Smartphone sector entirely like they did with the notebooks and it would be nice not having to rely on a single manufacturer either way.

And hey on my Volla phone I very much have everything needed for my daily usage. Mail client is working flawlessly, same as camera for both pictures and videos.
Ok, Whisperfish hangs a bit here and there, but also came a long way already (big thanks again for this great project).
After a little messing with it I got PureMaps for navigation with speech support running, I have a musicplayer which even connects nicely with my car.
Usually I need to charge it every 2 1/2 days, which is not bad either.

I never tried to run android apps although I missed a bit support for Threema (well, native messenger support definitely needs some work yet for most people I suppose).

Sometimes I need to restart network to get the browser working again, but overall it’s pretty rare.

In short: everything I need for daily usage is working absolutely fine and that on a not even officially supported device (thanks piggz!).
I know quite some people who would switch instantly if there would be a little more devices (and especially manufacturer) to chose from.

Btw, is there a list somewhere to overview better which devices are community supported? To check this out in Github seems to be rather impossible to me.

Guess I’ll try digging some more for a 10 III meanwhile then.

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@piggz just went to the Volla x23 as daily driver, which is a pretty good sign I’d say. @piggz, you recommending it as daily?

I’m still hanging on to debugging the Rephone but will probably get the Gigaset GX4 (aka Volla x23) if I can’t get wlan debugging working with the GS5/Rephone and the SDK.

Yep, im perfectly happy with the X23 … i couple of small things i need to get around to, like vibration, but its toally fine, great battery, rugged (if you like that) and runs waydroid for the odd android app

May I ask you which is the reason that you choose the X23 over the 22/GS5/Rephone for DD? Is it just the rugged quality? Something else?

If there’sone thing I’ve learned from a decade with desktop Linux:

Don’t judge the OS by its forums!

Doomsday talk is always popular.


Jolla is showing an Xperia 10 V with SFOS “Sauna” at FOSDEM in Brussels


inb4 people actually run out to buy X 10 V, pretty sure it’s a joke
Edit: nvm it’s real, time to run


This “refactoring project”, what is it and where is it being discussed because I can’t seem to find any mention of it in the forums beyond this post?

[Edit] Nevermind, found it…


well ‘Sauna’ definitely is

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I have to admit, it sounds like a joke, but …


Still I don’t understand why the ‘Sauna’ code name
Oh well

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Welp, it’s real