Xperia 10 starts, but won't boot and won't enter recovery mode after taking a fall

I dropped my phone and it turned off instantly. When trying to turn it on, it shows the usual “bootloader is unlocked” warning and then the Sony logo, but it then immediately turns off.

If it’s connected to a charger, it keeps going through these steps forever: “bootloader is locked”, Sony logo, then reboots.

I tried recovery mode (VolDown + USB cable). The LED turns green for 2 seconds, then the phone resets again.

Flashing mode (VolUp + USB cable) seems to work, but doesn’t do much. The LED turned blue and I did this:

╰→ $ sudo fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img                                                                                    
[sudo] password for <username>: 
Sending 'boot.img' (21872 KB)                      OKAY [  0.760s]
Booting                                            OKAY [  5.346s]
Finished. Total time: 6.161s

Then the phone rebooted again into the infinite loop of “bootloader is unlocked” and Sony logo.

The phone probably needs to be opened up and inspected, but I really need to recover the info stored in its main memory. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I had similar problem but no reboots. I gave a real long wait on that sending image but it seemed to go nowhere. Then I realized I was using a USB3 port and remembered from some distant time that USB3 doesn’t work on flashing etc. Switched to USB2 hub and I could get it to work.

It might not work for you as your phone reboots, but someone else might stumble onto this when searching for help on screen broken phone recovery.

I remember me I had also had such problem and a soft reset (hold power+ volume up for 10s) helped me. Then the phone will vibrates 3 times and maybe that will help yuo…good luck!

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I had similar story with X10 II. After taking a fall device was unresponsive. As it turned out the touch part of a screen got broken (But not the screen itself). Small crack lines were visible under the screen in good light Don’t know if that is relevant