Xperia 10 l4113 optimal android release prior to SFOS

The question is: what’s exact version of Android 9 is suggested to flash prior to fastboot install our beloved SFOS?
I’ve tried the ones suggested in EMMA tool and one version very close to what Jolla itself suggest in the tutorial…
but I’ve some issues with WIFI on latest 4.5.
Jolla said that they couldn’t fix it or at least, from the logs I’ve submitted, seems that the issues relies on my device.
So, maybe, it’s to find the optimal version of Android?
Which one did you use?

What says these issues are connected to the replaced Android version?
What even are the issues? (It would be helpful with links if you presume we would do a better job interpreting the responses than you).

The issues is that whatever wifi networks I’m connected to, need to set Global Proxy setting otherwise it will erratically work or not. Sometimes the “limited connection” will pop out and that’s it.
That was on, with latest version I’ve no issues while connecting to another’s phone hotspot. But since I’m on holidays can’t test with my home’s router.
I was guessing it had to do with Android version because, from what I’ve understand, Sailfish uses the baseband from it, correct?
Anyway, my big (pointless) question is regarding the exact version to install. I mean, Jolla suggest and report they’ve tested Xperia10 on namely 53.0.A.8.69.
If I flash, for instance, 53.0.A.14.xx what will change? SFOS will launch correctly anyway, since it’s Android 9. But it will use the newer baseband, right?
Sorry for my long paper, was just questioning about this :smiley: changed nothing in the area.

Baseband is unfortunately so imprecise nowadays it might just as well be a technobabble term.
Assuming they/you mean Modem, and modem firmware specifically.

I’m not sure. Could also be in the vendor binaries (which would be much more reasonable and better). There might not even be any different versions available, or at least not across the versions that are relevant.

Do you actually know; or are you building yourself an ?

Right, but nowhere do they mention that they believe it matters much, let alone for your wifi issues, right?

It’s a decent theory to test… but you full-on having decided it matters is unscientific and unproductive.
If this is how modem firmware was distributed, i’d have thought we’d heard about that by now. Happy to learn more though.

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Indeed, they do mention that version, but clearly says that "what matters is the 53**.0**.xxxx, so that you’ve Android 9, because if you flash 53.**1.**xxx you’ll have no Wifi and other issues.
So, maybe should do more a scientific test, like testing exactly the same place how connection is. But yet, there are x,y factors that can influence the test…
Perhaps it’s like you say, if this was doing a difference it would have been reported. Maybe it’s really non relevant at all. Just for “having latest base of android” sake… :smiley: once flashed it can be forgotten since SFOS has its own life, when you flash it :wink: