Xperia 10 IV vs Хperia 5. What to choose?

Tell me what to choose?

  1. Buy Xperia 10 IV and put it on the shelf (today there is Xperia XZ2).
  2. Buy Xperia 5 and use the port
    Thank you.
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Ad1 You can wait forever for this port
Ad2 This is better option if you don’t need adnroid support and VoLTE

In my opinion Xperia 10 III is the best option


VoLTE isn’t available for ports yet, right?

No, and there are no garantees it ever will be, as there are proprietary parts involved.

That doesn’t mean anything. Fingerprint involves some blobs yet it is available on ports.


Dead serious question: do you know of any port of any alternative phone OS on any device with working VoLTE, blobs or not? Because VoLTE isn’t a theoretical someday-thing for me:(

Pine phone has VoLTE in the modem, and thus it’s not (in theory) OS dependent. Which is not to say that it will actually work with your carrier.

The crux of the matter appears to be that unlike 2G and 3G, the cell industry has taken to it’s old anticompetitive scams, with some phones needing to be built with specific carrier information in them for each carrier and each country, and/or carriers are whitelisting phone models and even individual users for VoLTE (and VoWiFi)
i.e. if you buy a phone from the carrier or off the carriers list of phones, then it works. If you buy another phone, or even the same phone from another country then it might not. Regardless of OS, full commercial Android or not.

The self-dealing and technical incompetence behind this whole situation is mind boggling.
It is however in no way the fault of any alternative OS providers for whom it is just a misery.


Oh, I’ve got a Pinephone and I love the idea. And the 4G support in the modem is also a good idea. In practice, the RF portion of the specific device is somewhat lacking, and thus coverage isn’t great in certain places like my basement. And last time I checked (Summertime-ish) the UBPorts and SFOS builds for Pinephone had voice quality a little above terrible. :frowning: My family mocked me when they heard my voice on the SFOS pinephone build. AFAIK, PostmarketOS and its more mainline Linux relatives have the only drivable voice support. I use PMOS/Phosh (Edge) sometimes, and it works . . . okay-ish. You can make and receive voice calls and texts and MMS’s, but . . . you can be offline and unreachable frequently and not know it, a fact that my wife loves to point out. (I do have a script that checks connectivity every few minutes to warn me away from pinephone dead zones, again, in practice, it’s not always feasible.)

But all that’s neither here nor there. There’s a lack of SFOS (or others) with an implementation of VoLTE on a ported mobile device instead of a pocket-sized linux computer with a (fairly) cool modem that an OS can be built on from the ground-up without relying on (unsupported? unauthorized? undocumented? un-???) hybris adaptation layers for hardware access.

OTOH, if there was a Pinephone with mid-range (current) phone capability and a comparable set of features, the problem above wouldn’t be exactly solved, but it would be mostly irrelevant and could really disrupt the Android/Apple duopoly. But we can dream. . .

then it seems the only viable option is to start sending letter to EU parliament to make regulation for opening the VoLTE standard for other vendors.

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Choose Xperia 5. Everything suits. Before that was Xperia II. Display Xperia 5 is better. Almost the same dimensions. Performance Xperia 5 is faster. Port is great. I recommend.

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