Xperia 10 is worth?

I use it for daily driver for about two years. Stable. Always on latest release.
Battery can easily last 4-5 days with my usage pattern. That’s with short use of BT and WiFi (both are power hungry).
I’m unsure if battery would hold 6 active hours with GPS navigation. So I either use external power source or turn it off if sure that I’m on track.
Can’t comment on Android apps as I don’t use them.
Fingerprint works well for me. Like all HW mentioned in Release notes. So no FM radio.

There are minor annoyances but nothing major for my use case.

So overall I’m satisfied!


On the one hand, it has probably the most complete support of hardware features of any SFOS port.

On the other hand, the hw isn´t all that great.

The main problem is the “screen twist”/“ghost touches” problem where seven slight deformations of the device cause the touch screen to act up. This isn’t SFOS-specific, but still definitely a con.

The battery life isn’t great. It doesn’t have the biggest battery to begin with, and as mentioned by @filip.k some hardware features drain it fast.

That being said, I also have used it for quite a while (until its USB post broke) and if you can live with relatively poor battery life, and babying it so it doesn’t get twisted it´s a decent enough device.


don’t buy it
get yourself a 10mk3


I don’t recommend Xperia 10 - but I do recommend the Xperia 10 Plus. It’s bigger, has a better chipset and it has a ‘real’ dual-sim feature (i.e. you can use a second SIM card and an SD-card at the same time), something most other Xperia variants lack, including Xperia 10 ii.


Hmmm thank you all. I’ve been thinking about it. I came from my experience of sailfish os dated back to the Jolla Phone. So I’ve a memory of the os very slow, but beautiful. In Italy can find only 10 for low, mark II is 150 euro. And I’ve got to pay license too…

There’s also a free license.

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Mark II or III are much better. I used all of them (10, 10II, and 10III), and the 10 was the worst for me in terms of battery and overall experience.
If you’re trying to test SFOS again, then get the cheapest phone and the free license to try things out. But as a replacement for a main or secondary phone, I’d recommand the II or III.

suggestions here are odd. The 10 is the most complete feature set. the II and III also have big problems imho:
the 10 II:

  • The sidetone feature is not perfectly calibrated, and sidetone volume can be a bit high in wired accessories during voice calls
  • Mobile data does not work in 2G and 3G networks on SIM #2.

the 10 III

  • 3rd party caller may hear their own voice echo; use low volume, wired headphones, or loudspeaker as workaround

so actually the 10 is the only usable option right now at least until the echo problem won’t get fixed on 10 III but from what I saw peoples complain on other issues also.


Echo cancellation bug on 10 III happens only on loudspeaker.

So the workaround is to not to use the loudspeaker.

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I’ve got a broken Xperia 10 plus and replaced screen and battery. Besides my Xperia 10 III that I use with my work SIM, I started to use the 10 plus as my daily-use private phone and I must say, I do like it a lot. The large screen and dual-SIM + sdcard are fantastic and count as pros. As all Xperia’s have pros and cons, the Xperia 10 and 10 plus has this screen issues (ghost touches). I first noticed it after using the replacement screen for about 2 months. This bothered me too but I found a solution. Since I had also the original Sony flip-cover, I used it and the „ghost touches” disappeared. I’m not a fan of flip-covers, so I removed the leather part and noticed then the massive magnet after removing it. I suppose that this magnet has an effect on the touch digitizer. Also, you can run CSD command in terminal to test multi-touch and in comparison to 10 III, the 10/10 plus has some clear misbehavior with the multi-touch. It seems to leave out some touches. However, the magnet cover seems to minimize the ghost touches drastically and my Xperia 10 plus is again okay.

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great, so basic phone functionality is broken and I shouldn’t use it!

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That’s a problem. You did great at mentioning your phone uses a replacement screen. I was looking for a 10 all original Sony parts, and is the only phone I can see for now.
The loudspeaker issue is quite a bummer, I use it. I saw on browser benchmark page that performance are very different from 10 to 10 iii but not so dramatically different from 10 to 10 ii…
Anyway, the license will cost me “slightly” less because back in 2018 I participated in a contest and I won a coupon discount for buying sailfish X and I checked its still valid :sweat_smile: 20% discount well…

And to add on the count, I heard from a guy here on the forum that in Italy the 10 iii can’t use some carriers, including mine, well then the choice is clearly from the 10 and the 10 ii. But as said the price gap is quite noticeable… With the 10 I’ll get anyway Android 10 compatibility layer that’s not bad. And between the Jolla Phone and the 10 there’s an abyss

the prob with the 10 is the ghost touches and generally touch related issues.
That’s more than frustrating to use the phone.
So tbh right now there’s no phone that’s fully working but on the other hand SFOS is for me still a beta so I’m not quite surprised in the end. It’s just some peoples here has pink glasses and forgot about problems that still need to be fixed, instead constantly pushing for new phones when the old ones has unfixed problems.
I’d rather like Jolla to finally stop on something, get it in some good state so SFOS will finally get the missing basic parts like they did with the browser (one more time big kudos for that) but there are still other areas to fix.

And it does not happen on all 10 IIIs. No problem here.

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It can be used to switch the screen on when fliping the front. For me it worked great when I used the flip cover.

I had to replace a screen due to nasty fall. Both the old screen worked perfecty in all 5 finger test.

I guess that’s a config issue. Did anyone tried to contact the Jolla support? Worth a try in my experience.

great, so basic phone functionality is broken and I shouldn’t use it!

Well, no one is stopping you from using it…

Well, I’ve an iPhone XS for primary phone, and it scores like 150k on browser benchmark site, the one’s Jolla uses as benchmark for comparing Xperia 10s performance. Well, even the 10 III scores only 39k, which is way less then iOS. That is to keep in mind. Yes, maybe it is difficult to use it as main phone (the 10) but my goal was to have finally a free OS without Apple and Google involved. Also, to support EU developers. And to see what’s new. Does the 10 has a working hotspot Wi-Fi feature?

Oh, yeah. Works great. I use it at least weekly.

@Blumenkraft @WT.Sane the echo cancellation on 10 III is not the one from 10 II.
Here’s more info:
Not sure why I missed this one. The Echo cancellation on loudspeaker is related more to 10 II.
What I’m talking about is this one:

It’s the second side of the conversation that hears it.