Xperia 10 is worth?

great, so basic phone functionality is broken and I shouldn’t use it!

Well, no one is stopping you from using it…

Well, I’ve an iPhone XS for primary phone, and it scores like 150k on browser benchmark site, the one’s Jolla uses as benchmark for comparing Xperia 10s performance. Well, even the 10 III scores only 39k, which is way less then iOS. That is to keep in mind. Yes, maybe it is difficult to use it as main phone (the 10) but my goal was to have finally a free OS without Apple and Google involved. Also, to support EU developers. And to see what’s new. Does the 10 has a working hotspot Wi-Fi feature?

Oh, yeah. Works great. I use it at least weekly.

@Blumenkraft @WT.Sane the echo cancellation on 10 III is not the one from 10 II.
Here’s more info:
Not sure why I missed this one. The Echo cancellation on loudspeaker is related more to 10 II.
What I’m talking about is this one:

It’s the second side of the conversation that hears it.