Xperia 10 III with Android 12: which AOSP binary?

I would like to install my new Xperia 10 III while keeping the latest flashed Android 12 (which at the moment seems to be supported by Jolla, although not yet preferred option)
Following the instructions at How to install Sailfish X on Xperia™ 10 III on Linux - Jolla
the request is to install from Sony dev site
as it goes with an Android 11 device

When the device has Android 12, should I rather use
i.e. from
the latest available for Lena, with Android 12 ?

Use the one that the instructions say you must use.

“Things” will go wrong if you use the one for 12.

If that’s correct, it would be nice if Jolla would add an explicit note regarding it.

Besides, I noticed also that their link brings to download the latest version for A11,
while the text expects it to be v9a (which for the time being is still true, but who knows when it may change and how quickly it would be updated)