Xperia 10 III temperature throttling

My Xperia 10 III seems to be very sensitive to throttling at higher temperatures. During normal use, it’s not that noticeable, as it usually takes about 30 minutes of constant use before you notice any slowness. But sometimes it’s enough to keep the phone in your pocket, and just the heat from your body will heat the phone enough for it to start throttling immediately when picked up. Charging the phone using slow charging is also fine, but when using Quick charge (20 W), it doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes of charging to heat the phone up enough for the thermal throttling to kick in.

Below is a video demonstrating this behavior while charging:

Is this behavior normal for the Xperia 10 III, or is only my unit affected?

Same after quick charge with battery between 40 °C and 41°C,
I’m not affected, I don’t think it’s normal behaviour.

Heat is why I have capped the charging speed to 1000mA with Battery Buddy. 1500mA is fine too, although the device gets just noticably warm. If I really need the charge fast, I use my laptop USB-C charger, take the phone off its case and prop it upright to maximize air flow around it. It still gets hot… 3500mA seems to be the maximum charge current for me.

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A shame that fridges don’t have plugs inside


This is exactly what powerbanks were invented for: Charging smartphones in the fridge!


Even powerbanks get overheated, so where to charge them? :confused:

so this is really simple: Anker powerbanks are charged the wrong way around by iPhone 15. so the approach is quite logical: you have to take a charged iPhone, put it in a fridge with an Anker powerbank and when the powerbank is fully charged by the iPhone, you just swap phones and the Xperia 10 III is charged by the powerbank.

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I can’t really say why, but a chicken and an egg comes to my mind. :wink:

Must be because eggs are kept in fridges

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Sure, but that leaves the chicken out.