Xperia 10 III supported features/functions

Hi all,
I was a Sailfish user on the Jolla 1 and C but haven’t used it on Sony devices so have been out of touch a little, but am considering jumping back in with the Xperia 10 III.

I can’t obviously find a list of “things” (for lack of a better word) that might be expected to be supported, given what’s either supported on the Android side or that are supported in previous devices on SFOS/N9.

Can anyone confirm whether I can expect these? (my assumptions based on searches in brackets)

  • Double tap to wake (no? allegedly not supported on the 10 II)
  • Low Power Mode / Glance Screen, especially with infinite timeout to emulate N9’s always-on standby screen (yes? can use mce-power-tool apparently, does it use vast amounts of battery?)
  • USB-C support:
    • Inputs: keyboard + mouse (yes?)
    • Output: video out (no?)
    • A menu to select if I give/receive charge to/from another device I plug it directly into (??)
  • NFC (yes)
    • In Android apps (??)
  • Fingerprint sensor (yes)
    • In Android apps (??)
  • Bluetooth support:
    • Are codecs as per the Android side, or does SFOS have its own subset? SBC and aptX? (??)
    • Inputs: keyboard + mouse (yes?)
    • BLE support in alien dalvik so an Android app can get data off my Mi Band (5)? And a bike navigation widget I’ve ordered which I think is also BLE? (no? could a sfos app do it?)
  • Google assistant hardware button mappable in SFOS?
  • HDR (no?)
  • 5G (no?)
  • 120fps video recording (??)

Thanks in advance for answers, or pointing me to a wiki page I’ve missed!

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No idea about double-tap and LPM.
Keyboard should work, not sure what a mouse would do.
No video out yet.
NFC/fingerprint/Bluetooth are all native-only. (Sound from Android works obviously).
Codecs are not on par, but should be soon.
The what-i-thought-was-a-camera-button seems pretty dead.
Idk about HDR, assume no.
No 5G yet.
Probably no 120fps recording either, but i haven’t checked.

And despite that it is a great experience. :slight_smile:

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how do you know? ____


regarding the Low Power Mode LPM / Glance screen

I got it working with

mcetool --set-low-power-mode=enabled
mcetool --set-ps-on-demand=disabled
mcetool --set-lpmui-triggering=from-pocket,hover-over

I don’t know why the ps-on-demand switch is needed - but without its not working.

Changing the on/display time is also working e.g.

mcetool --set-blank-from-lpm-on-timeout=35

I did not check how this affects the batterylife - the OLED display itself should not be that energy hungry


Guys is anyone experiencing issue with using headsets it seems that sometimes when i plug in the headset it doesnt work

The Android support for Bluetooth is very limited. You will not be able to use your miband. Also the sailfish app Amazfish has no suppory for miband 5, even if it was released several years ago. I guess that its a halfway abandoned or unfinished application, like so many for SailfishOS. I myself have a miband 6, that also does not work

Wow, what an entitled state of mind. Contribute to it, or go make something better yourself!

  1. I’m only stating the facts
  2. The Android open source project that Amazfish is based on, does support miband 5,6
  3. Not everybody is a c++ programmer
  4. Not everybody has unlimited spare time
  5. This issue is especially irritating, as it could be solved by having better android Bluetooth support

I kind of don’t believe this will ever be a feature.

It didn’t sound so impossible when i brought it up at the community meeting. Seemed like it was even supported (recent addition, unofficial ports) on certain older models (using some older compositor).

Ah, yes, that immediately absolves you of any need to be grateful for things that people provide for free.

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Exactly. So why should someone waste his/her time on some ancient hardware that the developer may not even own?

I could think of 4 different approaches to this situation:
a. buy the device the dev is owning to ensure support
b. buy yourself and the dev each a better device to incentivize him/her to develop for said device
c. learn to code
d. f*** off

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That was not the point, of course I’m grateful.
Just as grateful as I am for all of the Java/Kotlin code that is provided for free on f-droid.

It’s just that it’s not working for MiBand 5,6
And that’s what the poster asked about.

The real issue is the abysmal Bluetooth support for Android applications

But would it not be easier to simply bin the watch and buy a supported one than going through the pain of having to use an Android app for it, even if Bluetooth for Android was available?

Hehe, I got the MiBand for free from my work. I’m not really into fitness bands anyway.
It’s just that it’s irritating that it doesn’t work.

The real problem is that there are more and more specialised Android applications that are using Bluetooth, that one has to use.
My office now has a Bluetooth locking system. Apps are available for Android and iOS.
So now I need my old iPhone to get into the office!!

And this app also needs an internet connection, so I need to put my sim in

And before you suggest it, yes I did consider changing my work…
It’s just that it’s not their fault, they are not the owners of this building, and I like the company

Yes, all the various lock-in strategies are indeed an issue and we should be trying to avoid this kind of stuff wherever possible.
I know it’s frustrating as one has not always the power to decide where and when this kind of systems are employed and at least having the option to pass-through BT from/to android apps would be great.
Still, there are so many other issues with SFOS I’m not sure which priority I would give to that.
I’m totally aware someone else may have totally different priorities, though. Having to carry around an additional phone just to access an office would clearly be a source of frustration for me too.

Luckily I don’t have to go that often to the office.

And I am aware that the problem with MiBand 5,6 not working with Amazfit is 100% due to the manufacturer adding lock-in —> not very nice, and I wouldn’t buy it myself

Good grief, and when the mobile network is laggy or something nobody will be able to access the building? I think we’re really creating a dystopian future for ourselves :smile:

It’s in an area with good network coverage.
Once it didn’t open the door, but a quick restart of the application fixed the issue.

I think that this is the future for such buildings, that are used by multiple companies.
In this way there are no keys to loose, and it’s quick to give access to new employees… and also to revoke access when people leave.

Unfortunately now the owners of the building will know when I arrive in the morning (I’m usually the first, so I need to unlock the door)
… and I am forced to use an Android or iOS phone!

So that’s why I get so unhappy when the subject of Bluetooth support in SailfishOS is discussed

Impossible not, improbable mainly. From what i understand a lot need to be done on the compositor in order to be modernized. And also Jolla has to accept the changes if they come from the community.

If it happens it will be a kick ass feature and opens the door for all sort of cool stuff (ie run a normal distro on a container and have it display on an external monitor etc).

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I would not want to call it an issue but a fact with any software project is that developers always need incentives. In a regular a day job it’s obviously the paycheck that provides said incentive to make someone get up in the morning, down unhealthy amounts of coffee and then convert the ingested caffeine into executable code.
With open source projects this is no different, there must be something that makes the developer decide to not spend the time with his friend and family, not to read a book or not go for a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon but rather sit in his/her darkened space and create something for him/her and other people to enjoy. Without incentives there will be no software. I think most of the time with OSS developers they will create something that they want to use themselves and the fact we are benefiting from it is just a nice side effect. I think keeping that in mind will help us all better understand why some things get support and some don’t.