Xperia 10 III support

Alright. Thank you. I’m trying to update them…

Hi @Gouneesz here is a nice guide. by @d.geelen

Am I the only one struggling with swipe-closing camera in landscape mode from right edge?
Option menu pops up for several times before I can swipe-close the camera.

No, you are not the only one - there are at least two of us!

For me, X10II had this issue, but X10III does not.

I do have dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/peekfilter/boundaryWidth 96 set, which makes it easier to use edge swipes. It didn’t really help with X10II, though.

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For the people who just want to directly flash the latest version, but didn’t manage to fetch it with XperiFirm before Sony purged older versions from their servers, see the link I mention in that post.

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I don’t have symbols counter when typing SMS on 10mk3 and latest 4.4 SFOS.
Am I the only one?

PS I know there was probably a ‘show only when close to limit’ change, but I don’t see a counter at all.

Enable it in settings/apps


For me it’s pretty damn amazing. Coming from Jolla 1 which was unusable, this is absolutely useable and very responsive. What would make it amazing would be AdblockPlus ported for it!


Thoughts re my X10 III and SFOS 4.4
The phone - coming from Jolla 1 is very responsive. Really nice and bright interface. My battery has lasted two days and still going at 34%. I have 4G and WLAN running. I am using it more and more so the wlan drain is not occurring for me.
Onedrive auto backup is running smoothly.
Fingerprint sensor is working too. One touch to turn on screen, another touch to unlock - easy.
No issues with bluetooth either pairing with Win 10 laptop nor Subaru BRZ car though alas, I don’t have sms and sometimes the artist title isn’t picked up.


Couldn’t agree more. Any ad block would be amazing

After each power on / reboot of my 10 III, even though Bluetooth is enabled and correctly working, there is no Bluetooth icon in the status bar and also the “quick access” Bluetooth icon/button in the pull down menu is inactive (as if Bluetooth was disabled). At the same time, on the Settings / Bluetooth screen it is correctly shown as enabled and I can normally use Bluetooth.

It takes disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth (either using that icon or from Settings / Bluetooth screen) for the Bluetooth icon to appear in the status bar and the icon/button in the menu to correctly show its enabled state.

Should I file a bug report?

Already reported: Bluetooth toggle and indicator is out of sync with reality


Thanks, sorry for not searching carefully enough. After whole night spent in garage, (successfully) resolving pairing issues with my car kits, I see s**t :slight_smile:

Today in the morning I was expecting an important SMS. When I woke up it wasn’t there, so I tried to call the person who was supposed to send it. Despite normal indicators in the status bar showing good coverage (3G at that time), several attempts to make a call resulted in “Network error” message. I needed to use another phone to make a call. I was told that the SMS was sent to me half an hour earlier, and the sender even got the receipt confirmation. But I never got that SMS. I could make calls on the X10 III only after reboot.

Let’s see in further use if it was indeed a network problem or was it the X10 III acting up.


How do background android apps work on your 10mk3?
Element (matrix client) deoesn’t update anything from the net 'til I manually select it’s window.
Seems like background network is disabled.
It wasn’t like that earlier.

In Settings → Apps → your android app → Allow background services to start on bootup. Is that turned on?

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No idea if it’s related, but I have twice received a text from the network operator promising a future text containing network setting. Neither of those texts has ever arrived:

No, it is turned off. As it always was on my phone.
AFAIK it has nothing to do with background services of running apps.

Consider installing (@peterleinchen 's fork of) Defender, it’s available both in SailfishOS:Chum and on openrepos.

It’s not a browser plugin so it can’t stop some specific Javascript tricks (e.g.: it won’t block Youtube pre-roll ad video), but it works at the /etc/hosts level (it change name resolution, a bit like a Pi Hole) and thus can also block ads elsewhere than browser (e.g.: it can be made to block apps in Android apps, too).