Xperia 10 III soft cover

Can anyone recommend a soft cover for my Xperia 10 III which doesn’t interfere in doing the edge swipe? I prefer a transparent one as I have the blue phone edition.

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I bought this one.

Same question, but for a “book type” / flap cover (that doesn’t add too much bulk). Any recommendations?

I bought this one…
In fact I bought two. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t know if it’s available outside Sweden, didn’t search.

Come to think of it. PM me your address and I’ll donate one of those.
A small thank you for all the code you’re providing. :wink:


On Amazon DE for example:

I bought this one for the last two new smartphones I bought (not Sony Xperia) and it is great value combination

Check it, if you like that.

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I recently did this and it helped.

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Thanks! indeed it helps the edge swipe with my cheap transparent silicone cover on my 10iii

I have to say the command should be sent as defaultuser and not as devel-su. Problem in devel-su is apparently the write is done but the readback stays at the original value. In defaultuser both the read and write are consistent.

The article doesn’t say anything about devel-su.

The article is imprecise. I read the article several times to find if I missed some detail. It also does not say how I should connect. Who knows if Terminal and ssh are different, or if it needs to be over cable or wifi? Whatever I do and goes wrong, you can always say the article did not say anything about that. Also I felt like I should clarify the missing information on the forum.
PS I used ssh over wifi.

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I dont understand why Sony moved away from the Xperia XA2 design with curved display on the sides and non existent side bezels. That phone was perfect! Exact copy of the Nokia N9, just bigger. Now even the flagship Sony phones have ugly 5mm side bezels.