[Xperia 10 III] Possible to disable auto turn-on when charger is disconnected?

When the charger is removed from my Xperia 10 III the device is automatically turned on.

Is it possible to disable this behaviour, i.e. the device stays turned off when the phone is unplugged?

To me this behaviour is new, my old Xperia X doesn’t do this.

My Xperia 10 also does evil things relating power on/off and charger cable.

No way to turn X-10 off as long charger is plugged in - it immediately reboots,
X-10 boots when off & charger is plugged in,
X-10 can only get powered off by CLI, become devel-su, type ‘poweroff’. Another way is to hold Power + Vol UP button until vibrator comes 3 times, then quick release the buttons. These are the only working ways - edit: works only if charger cable is disconnected. Is there no NORMAL way to turn off the phone, e.g. before going to sleep???

That is interesting when the Xperia 10 III is turned-off and plugged in it remains turned-off or rather it boots into the charge only mode where the current battery status is shown. Only when the charger is removed the device boots to the UI. This is also annoying because the “Enter security code” screen never turns off. So unplugging the device also requires to interact with it.

On a side note, I remember Nintendo providing an update for the Switch which allows to configure exactly this behaviour ^^’ So when the Switch is unplugged it stays off if so configured.

I was really hoping that there is some setting, maybe via the mcetool, to configure this behaviour.

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