Xperia 10 III - OS not ready, but devices gone

Im a little bit confused and angry with the upcoming Xperia 10 III release of Sailfish OS. It’s still not available, but the devices are already mostly gone. It seems nearly impossible to get an Xperia 10 III in Germany on other places then eBay…

So I want to point out one of the major problems with Sailfish OS - and maybe it’s just my feeling: Sailfish OS lacks available devices. The adaption time of the OS for “new” hardware is much top long, so everybody who is interested to use Sailfish OS has to get a phone when Jolla announces the possible Hardware Adaption and then wait for month until it’s done. So you need to buy a phone just to wait for it’s usage, while warranty will be going while you wait. And if you wait until the OS is ready you wont be able to buy the phone.

I maybe wrong, but this way Jolla wont ever get out of it’s corner. So I still ask myself why Jolla doesn’t concentrate on devices that will be available for a longer time (Fairphone is what’s in my mind - and I still font get it if Jolla or Fairphone or both don’t want to work together on some kind of european mobile solution) or turn back to own devices…


There’s a couple of upstream AOSP bugs with the camera:

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Adaptation takes time. Android-centric hardware is iffy.
Fairphone isn’t much better in this department. I had to google to even find the Fairphone 3 for sale, and that is the 3+ version.

Xperia 10 III is very available here in Sweden (and had a great offer for the last few weeks).
Also this has been brought up before… so probably a duplicate?

Hm, perhaps I should try to get a phone elsewhere - maybe from sweden…? Do you have a link?

(And actual Fairphone is 4, not 3…)

The good offer was still on apparently:

Yes, i tried looking for the 3 to check your statement about longer availability. Seems mostly an ambition aka a myth.

aliexpress has them in stock

Really good deal - but seems not possible to order from outside Sweden (registering needs a mobile number and just accepts +46 number…).

AOSP bugs is not Jolla’s fault, actually you cannot blame much sony either. It might be better if Jolla provides some pre-release images?

Other unofficial ports for other models also suffer from aosp bugs/limitations.

ps: bugs and limitations are in binaries provided for aosp

I bought one from only 2 weeks ago. Sorry if it was the last.

But my point is: Yes I realized it’ll be difficult to get once Sailfish is ready, that’s why I watched the market and bought it when I thought it was necessary. Waiting for a flashable image and then buying is not an option I guess…

I’m not experienced in Android devices HAL, but I wonder why for every new model it seems like device management has to be rewritten from scratch. Are not the new peripherals similar to the ones in the previous generations?

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From what observation points? Time alone?

This happened with every new device and it is a reason to skip this policy. I seems to me that if Jolla wants to attract more new users then a more sustainable device is preferable. Also less work for Jolla I suppose.

The latest Fairphone (4) is guaranteed for at least five years. That is longer than Sony phones.

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I’m not talking about warranty or software updates (Sailfish beats all anyway).
I see nothing about long-term availability promise, which was what was the point here.

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But I wonder what the warranty situation is anyway if you have unlocked the boot loader and reflashed a different OS.

Also Gigantti in Finland has good offer

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Sony unlock bootloader page states explicitly that warranty may be voided. My understanding is that for some models relocking the bootloader is impossible. Practically in that case Sony will charge you to replace motherboard with a new one, then will perform any repairs under the warranty. Again that’s my understanding.

IOS beats all, to be honest. My daughter still uses an updated iphone 5s. Many people use an 6s. True that Jolla supported Jolla 1 for years. But after the Jolla 1 stopped being available, new Sony devices got sold out quickly again and again. It doesn’t help if someone says that there still are some for sale in China or so.They should be widely available for about 5 years, just like the Fairphone 4. In these 5 years the OS can be improved without the need to adapt to a new device.

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Can you substantiate this claim, please?

Warranty or parts-availability does not equal device availability.

Edit: and i can’t imagine anyone wanting to get a 3-4-5 year old phone. People are already complaining about 1 year old phones.

Flashing your device does not void your statutory warranty - FSFE Legal
Rooting and flashing your device does not void the warranty in EU