Xperia 10 III gets update to Android 13

… good news for such users.

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What does this have to do with Sailfish?


I thought, that “the last possible version” of SFOS on Xperia 10 III could by now rely on Android 13 instead of Android 12. With good luck, I could you use my Xperia 10 III longer.

That is not how SFOS works, and actually SFOS needs “Android 11”* drivers to work.
That is what you downloaded from here.

*A longer and better explanation is needed here.

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Maybe I don’t fully understand SFOS by now, but in your link I read:
" Software binaries for AOSP Android 11.0 – Kernel 4.19 – Lena"

So I thought in future there would be something like:
" Software binaries for AOSP Android 13.0 – Kernel 5.x –…"

And a user of SFOS with newer binaries would profit somehow of that. If this nonsense, this thread should be erased ;-).

might it not result in refreshed aosp packages in the open devices program, perhaps fixing some of the hardware driver related problems with camera, etc?

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