Xperia 10 iii flashing problems on macOS (solved, for documentation)

Successfully unlocked the new Xperia 10 iii (dual sim, Android 12). Now in the flashing step, There was a problem that was really hard to solve, so I’ll add the solution here in case anyone else stumbles upon this.

There are several versions of the “Lena” – to be downloaded here Software binaries | Developer World

The right one is the one that fits to the Android version (e.g. 12). Otherwise, you get the error:
"The supported Sony Vendor partition image wasn’t found in the current directory."

Then, another error has happened coinsistently:

fastboot -s HQ61575FEE flash oem_a ./SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_11_4.19_v9a_lena.img
Sending 'oem_a' (819200 KB)                        FAILED (remote: 'Requested download size is more than max allowed
fastboot: error: Command failed
Flashing failed (1)

This can be avoided using the following command:

fastboot -S 512K flash oem_a ./SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_12_4.19_v3a_lena.img 

(replace SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_12_4.19_v3a_lena.img with the ones that you have downloaded and copied into the sailfish folder).

P.S. the manual still recommends using “Aptoide”, as far as I have heard, it is not recommended and may not be safe. As far as I have heard it is better to first install F-Droid, then, from there, Aurora.


Another hint: make sure you have the latest android-platform-tools. Having an older version may give you the error.

'Requested download size is more than max allowed

You can do this via brew install

brew install --cask android-platform-tools

Then, the standard shell script may just work fine with

sudo bash ./

This works fine via USB-3 cable (some comments on the web say that you need USB-2)


That’s interesting as the docs says:

Android 11
(12 is ok)