Xperia 10 III flashing issue on mac

hello intermediate linux user here. i got myself an xperia 10 III and finally decided to give a linux phone a try for everyday use. i have had software issues on both my windows and linux rig with flashing so decided to use my macbook pro which has worked for flashing custom android roms in the past without any issues however after following all the steps on the official install guide for mac when i go to flash it everything works normally until it ends and i am greeted with FAILED (remote: Requested download size is more than max allowed)
i found this post on the reddit community
which suggest using fastboot -s AS632R056C flash oem_a ./SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_11_4.19_v9a_lena.img separately and applying -S 512K to it however this post is for linux operating systems but i decided to try it out and when i enter it everything just sits there without doing a thing. how can i solve this issue on mac? any advice is appreciated

Experienced the same with my mac. Just drop the -s DEVICE option. It is not required if this is the only phone connected to your laptop.

This article is not Mac specific but is a nice collection of potentially helpful links.