Xperia 10 III - does this app work with sailfish - Xinfrared

I plan on buying the phone to run Sailfish, but I need certain apps to work. Is there any chance someone knows or can test if [


]( works?

Warning: These files may be dangerous

Search-release.apk DETECTION

Search-release_1.2.220106.apk DETECTION

Search-release_2.7.221115_27_2.apk DETECTION

SearchVertical_2.2.221124_2.apk DETECTION

Note: Although I link to the detection tab, it is the * DETAILS, RELATIONS and BEHAVIOR tab that are interesting.

[Security Software Discovery ]

May try to detect the virtual machine to hinder analysis (VM artifact strings found in memory)

[Defense Evasion ]

Lists and deletes files in the same context

[Collection ]

[Access Sensitive Data in Device Logs ]
Has permission to read low-level log files (spy personal data)

[Audio Capture ]

Accesses the audio/media managers
Records audio/media
Has permission to record audio in the background

So won’t work, or is a risk app?

Most likely will not work and a risk app.

infiraySearch:Important! Android 10 may not be able to use this software, please use the link below to get the software that can be used in Android 10.

Sailfish uses ASOP 10, and it is a red flag that the play store (the desk) links to another site to get .apk files.