Xperia 10 III crashes when connected to USB-C of EIZO EV3895

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I am not sure if this is wort a Bug-report.
Today, I connected my Xperia 10 III to the USB-C-Cable I regularly use to connect a notebook to my EIZO EV3895 display (Connected to its USB-C-Port). This cable works perfectly fine to charge the notebook and display its output on my monitor.
However, my Xperia crashed immediately, and then rebooted into a boot-loop.
After I unplugged the cable, It would boot up again. I first suspected the cable could be the problem, and replaced it with a simple “charging”-Cable (USB-C on both ends, but only the data-lines for traditional USB 2 are connected). The outcome was the same, the phone crashed. I then tried the regular USB-A downstream ports, using an USB-A to USB-C-Cable, this doesn’t crash the phone, and it gets charged.

For comparison, I connected a Samsung SM-A520F to the same Monitor, It did not crash, it started to charge, and even acted as a USB host (I noticed because the xperia on the downstream port switched from charging to developer mode).

So, is this a bug of the phone, or is the monitor to blame?


It’s worth to run journalctl -f as root user and check what it happens.

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You are definitely not the only one, I have seen several people talking about this, but AFAIK no formal bug report has been filed.

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Most likely the same behavior as in this bug report: 10III crashes with beep when plugged into docking station


Ah very good, thanks.

I guess that makes this one a duplicate.

Thanks for the report @Cmdr_Zod. This sort of thing is definitely worth a bug report, so good that you shared it.

Since it looks like a clear duplicate of the bug below as suggested by @direc85, I will however close this topic to encourage all the discussion about it to all happen in the same place. If anyone thinks this is a mistake, please send me a direct message and I can revert it.

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