Xperia 10 III bad connecitvity

Hey there,
I have some connectivity problems with my xperia10 III. Phone calls / SMS are working fine but my mobile data is very very slow. It seems like i can only use mobile data when connected to 2.5 G. If o have 4G and turn on mobile data connectivity drops down to 2.5G and i have slow speed internet. So it is enough for sending messages, but some webpages are to big to load (and i havent’t used all the GB from my flat and WIFI is also working fine :wink: ). I also dropped my phone some weeks ago amd now i am unshure of this is a software problem or if i broke my antenna. The drop was not that hard and i have only some little crack. Does anybody else having this problem or should i ask someone to repair my screen and look for the antenna?
Thank you :smiley:

(I have installed)

The important question here is: Did it work fine before you dropped it?

I have to restart network services quite often, not sure whether it’s exactly your issue though.

Vodafone Germany,
Xperia 10 III

Since a few weeks/months I got slow internet with alditalk/telefonica germany (23mbps down) although I got permanent 4g with my 10 II. Didnt bother to investigate that yet tho…

Asides from that I got the usual problems that it is using mobile data although I am connected to wifi and my android apps loose connectivity until I restart the android container

I have a similar problem, still on Xperia III. I am using italian sim and only when I am in Germany I have no data connection or 2.5G. If I activate fly mode for some minutes, sometimes connect again to 4G but it is only a temporay solution.

It might be worth a shot to collect some logs… Testing Advice | Sailfish OS Documentation

Sorry for Not responding so many days. We had much to do at University. But thanks for your link maybe i understand how to do and get some logs ´:)

I tried the command from the site you sent, but it didn’t work :confused:
Do i have to do more to get logs from mobile data?

You need to run this with devel-su infront, i think…

Sorry for letting yoz wait so long. But i had much to do at university and tried to get it done. But i didn’t get the logs done correctly… ':slight_smile:
I hope someone will just fix that someday. The connection is enough for sending messages most of the times and i manage with doing the rest with wifi at home ':stuck_out_tongue: