Xperia 10 III 4G reception (drops to 3G)

hi, has anyone else noticed poor 4g/lte reception with the sony xperia 10 III equipped with sailfish. Unfortunately I can’t test what it would be like with the original software, but it feels possible that sailfish has a negative effect on it. Have others paid similar attention? I can’t say more precisely, but I notice that the phone drops to 3G mode very sensitively and this has not happened with any other phone in the same place.

3G was nice, no need for volte…

Jep, I have similar experiences. Compared to XA2 (also with SFOS) 10 III seems very enthusiastic to drop to 2g or 3g. No problems in more civilized areas (stronger signal), but at home this was annoying. It looked weird, phone could report strong 4g signal (indicator on main screen) but still suddenly drop to 2/3g. Problem disappeared when mr John Deere was camping couple of weeks between our house and nearest cell tower. Perhaps some problems handling wobbly signal.

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What tool is on the screenshot?

CellMon (from Storeman)

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