[Xperia 10 III][] No stereo sound (?)

Hello ppl!

I just received my replacement Xperia 10 III device (first was defective), and installed SFOS some hours ago.

I noticed that there is no stereo sound. The top speaker is not used like in the case of my Xperia 10 II for music and ringing. Is this normal? I checked the “Known issues” part in the release notes, and did not find any note regarding this.

It’s a single speaker design, nothing to do with SFOS.


Very much correct! Thanks @Edz for this.

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OK, so I guess that it’s due to different hardware, lets say, than the x10ii (which was also considered single speaker design in Android, but with SFOS the top earpiece was “activated” as a speaker)!

Thanks for clarifying!

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@leszek made a video with the differences between 10 III and 10 II. He mentioned that 10 II has stereo sound which is produced by the system itself by using the upper speaker as second for the stereo output. But that’s not (yet?) possible/implemented for 10 III.

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I should not have replied really. My reply was simply based on 5 minutes of reading blogs by individual reviewers, many mentioned it was a single speaker design. That said, despite owning the Xperia 10 ii, I had not noticed the upper speaker being used to produce stereo sound. I rarely use my device for music playback if at all, so that explains my lack of knowledge here. And, of course, all the blogs I read were about the Xperia 10 iii under Android, not SFOS…oops!, TAXI !!!..

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@Edz :laughing:

Yeah, I also do not use the device for music playback from the speakers. I do use it for video viewing every now and then, and, it sounded a bit “weird” (after 1+ year with my x10ii) to listen sound from one side only (not that I can’t live without it!)…

It also makes some (little) difference during the ringing of an incoming call.

I hope that this feature is just not implemented yet and will follow in the next update…

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That’s correct. There is one speaker. The sound quality of the 10 III is not as good as with the XA2+ e.g. With earplugs it’s ok though.