Xperia 10 II + SFOS

Can someone tell how his battery usage is. Mine feels high.

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I’ve flashed back to Android for now, as I need Exchange for my work account. Can’t wait to go back to SFOS as soon as that’s supported!! :smiley: really really liked the OS


I lost 4-5% overnight which is normal I guess (similar to Android phone). I have wifi on, 4g (but mobile data off) and two SIM cards.
I’ll see how it goes these days.

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What would be the best way to report issues? Separate bug reports on the forum? Some compiled post?

Separate bug reports in Bug reports category.

Add TAGs to you bug reports.

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I just flashed my X10ii … and the system partition is FINALLY BIGGER THEN 2.4 GB…they heard us :slight_smile:
So, no more fiddling around with partition sizes for expanding system size.
Now 4.7 GB with 3 GB left available after a fresh install.
This is great news!


I think it’s because of the data connection. Everything is fine with WiFi. Will keep watching. And write my opinion in a week.

Network is working with mobile data, but the Jolla Store complains about not being able to connect, unless I’m on WiFi. Weird.

Many apps are missing, I guess because of the 64 bitness. Hope they start reappearing.

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Most things are working on my 10ii.
But the Backup from My XperiaX doesnt restore completly (People + notes are missing). Same OS version on both phones and I flashed the new one twice, just in case.
Does somone has the same problem and/or a solution?

Yes; Notes (gave an error) and People were missing. I just extracted ./People/data/all.vcf (I think that was the file name) from backup and imported all.vcf from Peope app settings (Settings/Apps/People; there’s an option labelled “From contact file”).

Almost forgot; I had to place all.vcf to either into ~/Documents or into ~/Downloads folder for the import to find it.

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Woof :dog2: I missed this “no Android yet” part, but I guess 249 € incl VAT was a decent price point to buy today, before local shops run out of stock. Mine was the last X10II box they had nearby.

Good to see that phone dimensions are even slightly smaller than XA2, but more screen estate.


Thanks Garak, that did the trick for the contacts!
For the notes, I´m going to copy/paste them from a document-file…

I didn’t think that worked at all – restoring a backup on a different device, that is. Has it been fixed(ish), or have I dismembered something?

Dear all,

I just bought an Xperia 10 II dual sim for 300€ (mint condition). I can’t wait to flash SailfishOS on it :slight_smile:

I think I’ll give my Xperia X to my girlfriend, it’ll serve as a nice introduction to SailfishOS I believe.

Best regards,


PSA: Eglobalcentral (if it ships to your country) has a good deal on the Xperia 10 II now (ca. 250€).

at stage 5 of “how to install Sailfish X on Xperia 10 ii” says to install sony software binaries. Then it links to
However, i believe i just updated my x 10 ii to android 11 and i found this:


this might be for the 5g 10 iii but im not sure if i should use the latest or just go with the one referenced(which is probably the answer)… just wanted to check with you guys


Is this store trustworthy? At least the german variant looks not so with funny translations and even typos… And prices far beyond every other shop

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It usually works (kind of) if they have the same OS version.

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I have no first-hand experience with them, so I do not really know. :man_shrugging: Their reviews do not seem stellar.

PS does anyone here know if XQ-AU51 and XQ-AU52 Android support is more or less than 30 days away?

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