Xperia 10 II scrolling lag


I’m a new user of the Sailfish OS. I installed the OS on my Xperia 10 II and been enjoying the alternative OS for a couple of days now. I’ve got no experience on Linux and have not done any terminal commands, just the latest version of the operating system.

However scrolling up and down a website seems sluggish. I get heavy ghosting effect and seems like a latency between my input and screen action. First I thought it is the native browser’s problem but I also tried with the Brave browser. Not any better.

Is there anything that can be done? Is it only a concerning the new Xperia 10 II or just general problem of the OS?

I’m not expecting the responsiveness of an iPhone but damn the current performance is hard to swallow. If you can tell me what’s going on I would be thankful :grin:

This has always been a problem with SailfishOS. The performance of the UI is very poor. Especially the browser has a big gap with other systems