Xperia 10 II Sailfish 4.3 - Storeman install fails

I just got the Sony Xperia 10 II, running SFOS
Unfortunately the Storeman Installer starts, but it won’t install Storeman.

Is Storeman installer not supported on latest Version?
Using the Volla Phone running SFOS it worked like a charm.
Can anybody help here?


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Not all packages references have been adapted to the new version yet.
You can tell your system to user the previeous release.
But don’t forget to set it back to the correct one afterwards.

I don’t know it it’s perfectly correct (working till yet) but what I did yesterday in the same case was:
I a terminal, as root:

ssu re
zypper ref

Install Storeman, then again as root:

ssu re
zypper ref

If you havent installed zypper yet, you can, as root with:

ssu re
pkcon update
pkcon install zypper
zypper ref

Maybe simpler, you could also download Storeman with, as regular user (defaultuser):


You’ll have to choose the version for your device.


Thanks a lot. That works!!!

There is just a typo in your post:
Versions are: and, NOT and

Oh, yes, sorry.
Corrected, Thanks

I just had the same problem! I posted about it in Failed dependencies on app installs - help with libraries? - #4 by cyberlyra

I resolved it by installing directly without an “installer,” choosing from listed repository of .rpm files. All dependencies loaded and I can download apps just fine.

I’m glad to know it wasn’t just me! And that there are other ways to solve it.