Xperia 10 II how to install android apps

I bought the license and installed Android Apps and now I am trying to figure out how I can install android apps such as signal or firefox. Can someone explain, please?

Thank you in advance

Download F-Droid to get microG and related Android infra (if required), and also Aurora store*, which will then get you access (anonymous or with your google account if you have paid apps) to the Play store.

*For some reason Aurora store doesn’t self update for me, so it’s easier to let F-Droid do that update.

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Just a while ago I came across this Zendesk article and saved the link just in case anyone might need it. Few minutes later I’m in here :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it includes everything u might need.

Maybe one of the sailors could place its reference somewhere accessible to newcomers(if it’s not already)


Thank you both!

Do you know also how to start whatsapp - it complains of missing PlayStore.
I guess I need older version, but how and where

You can get WhatsApp working either by:

  1. Downloading it directly from WhatsApp with SailfishOS browser:
    Last time I checked you don’t need microG to get it working


  1. Installing and configuring microG correctly and then installing WhatsApp either from the link above or from Aurora Store.

Note that if you decide to use microG, you have to set it up completely. Otherwise WhatsApp will not install. That includes:

  1. installing “microG Services Core”, “microG Services Framework Proxy” and “FakeStore”


  1. toggling signature spoofing on BOTH from SailfishOS Android setting AND microG Settings.

Instructions how to get microG working were posted by rgp earlier.

You don’t need MicroG for neither of Whatsapp, Signal or Firefox. And also IME many apps that claim they “won’t work without Google Play Services” behave just fine. Just try skipping it and see how far this takes you.

F-droid doesn’t work. Garbage app.

What kind of doesn’t work do you observe? For me it works fine.


Does work fine here, too. Layer 8 error?

IMO it needed some time to register to google play. After this it started working.