Xperia 10 II docomo or docomo-qssi?

I reach the Sony Open Devices program page and found the last open source firmware package:

In particular this one:

Which contains two folder with similar content:

  • seine-1.2.0-docomo
  • seine-1.2.0-docomo-qssi

Someone can explain me the difference between the two? Which is the best to try?


Only source code apart these two images:


  • 5.4/arm64/boot-userdebug.img
  • 5.10/arm64/boot-userdebug.img

but nothing about binary firmware useful for an upgrade of the modem/GPS.


At this point, I found enough information to compile a new kernel and its booting image. Does anyone outside Jolla developer circle did a custom boot image before? Because creating a brand-new boot image is the first step to upgrade the kernel.