Xperia 10 ii / Connectivity dropped on non-answered outgoing call

REPRODUCIBILITY: probably 100% (happened each time someone didnt reply)
OS VERSION: Vanha Rauma
HARDWARE: XPeria 10 ii




  1. Call a phone number you are sure wont answer your call
  2. The phone will ring
  3. Stop the call


Network connectivity should not be lost


Data & Comms network both go down (ofono crash?)


Network at the time of test: TIM / Italy
Sim card is in slot #1

I’m not able to reproduce it. Please install Ofono Logger (from chum or storeman) and follow these instructions.

Temporarily or permanently?
Are you using VoLTE or not?

It’s a very annoying temporary connectivity issue.

So no VoLTE then…
It could be the network behaving poorly (in which case it should likely happen after any call finishes, answered or not). And this unless the interruption is like a second or so - then it is intended behavior even.

Data as well? Id understand voice, but internet…

They are one and the same connection. VoLTE gets rid of the switching to a legacy technology (and by extension the switching back to LTE).

Interesting. I think I have experienced this on more than one network, tho. I am not sure, but will travel in the next days again the same route, so might be able to provide more info (hopefully).

Is this a duplicate of Call hangs up if recipient is not available with volte ?

Perhaps the reason is the same. But please notice that the bug is not from VoLTE (as stated in the notes)

In that case its perfectly normal that you loose connection after a call for a few seconds without volte.

You can prevent this by setting your default network mode to 2g. In that case it doesnt have to switch from 2g during the call to 4g after the call.

This is why people are happy about volte.

Follow up question: is the behavior different if the other side answers the call?

It might be perfectly normal; but how comesit happens? Out of curiosity :slight_smile:

Prerequisite: your phone is told by the network to change technology (to 3G or 2G) to get the call.

When that is done, it is again told to switch back to 4G. Both these are done with a more crude mechanism than connected-mode handovers, called Release With Redirect.
It differs in at least two important aspects:
The receiving end is not prepared, so you have to do setup from scratch. So even in a good case this takes a little while.
It is also not preceded by your phone having measured and reported that the target frequency is good. That is instead likely manually configured or derived by some similarly blunt logic. So if the coverage areas does not in fact overlap fully, or the config is plain wrong, you can be sent off to something that it can’t hear. Then it will waste some time trying that, and do a full search from nothing after a timeout.

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So if i understood right:

  • I make a call-> the phone goes from 4 to 2G
  • The call remains unanswered and hence disconnected(from the nearest tower?)
  • The connection (to the nearest tower?) is cut
  • The phone attempts to restore 4G, but due to low coverage (or other field issues) this takes a while

Is this right?

Or 3G depending on config.

Should be same as when you hand up a call.
I don’t understand what you want to get from the question(s) here. It depends!
Yes, presumably it is the closest that has the relevant technology, and presumably that’s also where you are going, but to other equipment on it.
If you meant to make a distinction with the to and from in the questions, that’s not a thing.
It’s always bidirectional but at different levels of connectedness, like currently doing something vs monitoring in case someone calls.

It not only gets released, but redirected, i.e. receives information about where to look for 4G.
In the absolute majority of cases this is actually helpful so it takes just a second or two.
But should it need to do a full scan because that didn’t work out, that takes even longer.

I feel like i’m repeating myself, and not necessarily making it any clearer. Not sure if you wanted critique on your oversimplifications or just a “close enough”. Ask more pointed questions if something is still unclear.


TBH, Im a total newbie when it comes to telephony & mobile networks :slight_smile: So thanks for your patience and the time spent to explain the mysteries of wireless telecomunication to a newbie!

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My phone (10 ii and latest Sailfish) loses complete connectivity to the provider (data and call) for at least 20 seconds after each call or call attempt. Is this relly regular beaviour?
I’ll alsways have to wait before I can make another call or data connectivity returns,

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