Xperia 10, can i update from 4.4.0 to directly?

I didnt update for a while and thought of doing it now.
however I’m still on 4.4.0 and noticed that in the mean time several new updates have come out.
these seem to be stop releases and i read somewhere you need to do them one by one.

however i also read that the updater should taker care of it by showing the next stop release.
but it shows me only

can i just start the update or will things go horribly wrong?


When there is a new patch version of a release, it replaces the previous same Major.Minor release as a stop release. This too is explained in the release notes, just not front and center.

still a bit confused, but what you are saying is im good to go directly updating from the updater from 4.4.0 to, correct?

The updater does everything automatically.

edit: If the updater says ‘remove some packages’ you can ignore and proceed.

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Not every time. If you installed packages from chum or openrepos it’s worth to remove listed packages.

Edit: My bad. I learned something new thanks @olf . See his answer.

Yes. (20 characters)

Even better, for some time the updater has been actually removing such packages itself, without further asking. I always need to reinstall e.g. the “Bluetooth OBEX Filter Off” package that gets uninstalled each single time, or during the 4.4 → 4.5 update DeadBeef Silica disappeared this way.


No! Because the GUI-Updater removes them anyway, as @wetab73 already pointed out.

But the list might (i.e., sometimes does, nobody seems to know why, including Jolla) comprise “system packages”: If one removes them the SailfishOS istallation will be broken and likely not update.

Hence “ignore the message, if you do not know the packages listed” is the right advice.

For more details, see How to interpret "Remove the following packages" in the SailfishOS-updater?

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