Xperia 10 camera 13mpx don't seem work

Hi, i have buy a xperia 10 , flashing with commercial license software.
I’m in leaning to know this device and shooting photos with main camera the result is picture with very low definition, the result photos are around 1,5 mb, like a camera of 5mb in medium quality setting .

isn’t possible that there has been shooting with 13mpx camera

Some tips about?

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Click the info (‘i’) button in the gallery, you should see 4000 x 3000 as the size of the picture

well , i see 4000 x 3000, but I don’t think it’s a sufficient parameter ;
i have shoot many pictures, tha max dimension get is 3,0 mb
what i would wait is this

but never i i have a close result those

i have compare my picture with a iphone 7 (7mpx camera), the best resulting photo definition is iphone 7

this can only mean that the 13 mpx camera is not working properly

Photo quality is more linked to the sensor size, lenses aperture and quality, then things like optical stabilization and post-processing will add to the difference. There is also the type of sensor cells used (BSI, hardware-backed HDR, etc).
Even though both iPhone 7 and Xperia 10 have a ~1/3" sensor, I believe the top of the line from Apple has a better sensor, lens and processing.
From the devices with community ports, I believe XZ3 has the largest sensor[1], and Xperia XA2 from the supported devices. There may be some changes in quality on bootloader unlock on these devices though.

[1] it was a top of the line device in 2018. My Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a larger sensor but cannot shoot videos at the moment so I can’t recommend it if you are looking for a camera phone.

Well, if you see the test of sony xperia 10, linked above, you can find pictures around 6/7 mb; this is what i should have with a camera of 13mpx in jpg format.
But isn’t what i have when shooting pictures; for this i believe have a problem with camera software, tha shotting with the little camera and not with the main .
I hope i’m explening correctly .
For the phone, to be honest i believe that have a level of resurce, ram and cpu, minimum for a medium level of device, but if camera working like android verison is sufficient for me .
at the moment in my device, the camera don’t work properly

if no one has any other information about it, I will report this as a bug. ok?

It is a bit hard to follow what exactly you are trying to say.
You are definitely getting at least 12 megapixels resolution, so you are not for example using the 5mp camera by some misconfiguration. Megapixels measure resolution, nothing else.

But you mean that the quality is not what you would expect - and not what you have seen in the reviews?
There can be at least two reasons to this;

  • absence of Sony’s proprietary image processing software in “not Android”
  • images being compressed too hard, and JPEG (being lossy) degrading the quality beoyond a reasonable trade-off

Might be both?

Yes excuse me for my poor English, the quality of the photos is terrible, if you think that with jolla1 we get photos at 1,8mb, and with xperia 10 have a photo of 2,1mb (camera of 13 mpx), can’t be one acceptable result.

a compressed pictures in jpg for a camera 13 mpx can’t be less of 6mb

i don’t know what’s is the problem but with this numbers we have a problem

you don’t believe?


I wouldn’t say they are terrible, but i must admit i haven’t looked in to it much, and don’t have much to compare with. The N9 was considered having a great camera back in its day, and i’m fairly sure the Xperias are better, perhaps not by a lot.
I think you may have a point when you say the images may be compressed too hard - but i also expect someone to have tuned that to a reasonable compromise.

For comparison; the N9 does 7Mp at roughly 1.2-2.4MB and my work Samsung Galaxy S9 gives a random shot at 12Mp 3.7MB to play with, and 2.8 for another. Doesn’t seem like a world apart, and it can certainly be less than 6MB. Perhaps some more quality could be preserved with less aggressive compression, but it makes me suspect it is mostly the lack of fancy image processing.

well, maybe you have right, terrible is too much
I also noticed that in many photos the problem is more the shutter speed; too long for a manual device(maybe correct for less iso range) ; the photos many times resulted blurry I believe that with less compression and adjusting time shooting we can have a big step for photos quality result

the peculiarity of digital photos is post production; filtering etc. if i haven’t a good file for working the result is a disaster .

ps, i have a n9, great device :slight_smile:

I see no mention of changing ratio for camera in Settings/Apps/camera from 4:3 to 16:9 which decreases/increases quality.

there’s only the ratio 4:3 or 16:9, no pixel resolution . (and GPS, QR Code, & store on phone or SD card)

i’m shoot in 4:3 setting .