Xperia 10 battery life

I know about SailSync ownCloud, but kind of forgot about that. Idd it works, but I really like having my photos organised in years/months folders. As far as I know (please correct me if I’m wrong) SailSync does not allow you to do that.
Also, I don’t think it has the option to not sync on data, which is really important to me as I don’t have much data. But maybe the official Nextcloud android app doesn’t do that either.

I get it, with 4G, data and wifi on, it is a totally different experience alas.

Sorry but GS290 with /e/ lasts 3-4 days
3 is like minimum
My x10 barely did a day
Now.with WiFi only and no SD card it lasts 2-3 with no usage at alll

What’s is /e/ like ? Normal Android? I think I may give it a go because im tired of the awful battery life and lack of reliability.

Basically a beautified aosp

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ok gs290 with 4.3 port and waydroid from 100% to 20% in 3 days, not like 72 hrs.
3 days 2 night == 60 hrs
not so bad
i still think the battery consumer is the browser.

That’s impossible ?!

Even my now 5 years old Snapdragon 820 powered (Only 4 regular Performance Cores design!) Android phone and it’s worn 3100 mAh battery can do better than many phones mentioned in this topic!
And when it was new it could do A LOT better than the results mentioned in this topic!!!

In fact my current Jolla Sailfish Community Build running Android phone which has a batterydrain issue can do just as good as some phones mentioned here thanks to it’s 4000 mAh battery! :open_mouth:

Am I right when I say that buying a brand new Sony phone and flashing Jolla Sailfish onto it isn’t a safe choice yet ?!

I have Xperia X and Xperia 10. Neither of them is in active use and has no SIOM card because I had problems with and I moved to old Nokia 6 (Android 9) for a while.
I did reflash both to SFOS I charged batteries full in both devices, swithed Android support off, set airplane mode on and let the phones just stay idle. Xperia X battery lasts about 30 days but Xperia 10 battery lasts only about 10 days. So the battery loses about 10% a day in airplane mode with no SIM card. How can it be like this. A reflashed phone loses 10% a day just by doing nothing.

The same with my X10’s ! Battery full charged is for max. 1 day extensive usage, recharge over night. Intensive useage of the phone needs some recharge within one day. No idea why, but fact.

Interesting observation, but the difference may be simply a result of different memory technology. Remember that DRAM has to be refreshed continuously, totally independent from all other components, such as CPU in deep sleep. And of cause independent from OS.

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Interesting, yes. But is there such a difference in Xperia X and Xperia 10 memory that requires 3 times higher power consumption just for refreshing the DRAM? 3-4%/day of 2620 mAh battery in Xperia X, 10%/day in Xperia 10 of a little bigger 2870 mAh battery.

About the Wifi power drain.

According to some threads on xda, one can tune that by editing WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini

I have bravely tried that, and I think disabling 5GHz might have improved power usage. It has also deprived me of internet usage on the balcony and in the garden.
So if you feel particularly daring today, it would be interesting to hear your results.

The setting to change is called BandCapability, the default is 0 which means either, 1 for 2.4GHz only, and 2 for 5GHz only.

The file to edit (have a backup!!) is /vendor/firmware/wlan/qca_cld/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini

DON’T play around with this file, do some research what the switches mean before changing anything.
There’s plenty of info out there, but as usual also plenty of bullshit advice.

That being said, i have successfully NOT bricked my device by twiddling:


but can not say whether they make any difference.

REboot required obviously after changing any of those.

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I’ve got the feeling that battery live is significantly longer since the last update. Before the update, with 100% charge in the morning, the battery was empty in the evening even when phone was barely used the whole day. With new system update, in this case, charge level is still 85-90 % in the evening.

I investigated again my brother’s X10.

Findings / Reverted back to stock Android 9;
current drain measured with AccuBattery app: about 140-250 mA consumption

Findings / After re-flashed to SFOS;
current drain measured with Battery Buddy: 4.1.1-1: about 330-400 mA consumption
(same figures as before the re-flashing)

All of the above: NCF off, BT off, WLAN on, Mobile data off, screen brightness Android: mid, SFOS: lowest

Now… there is something “fishy” with Sailfishy here.
Can it be that cores are programmed wrong, not letting some of the cores go to rest/sleep mode?

Related to these topics possibly maybe:

High battery drainage Xperia 10 III - Bug Reports - Sailfish OS Forum

Xperia 10 III uses Performance governor for Gold cores where it probably shouldn’t - Bug Reports - Sailfish OS Forum


It might be just a conspiracy theory, but feels like AOSP device configs have so many flaws and misconfigurations that Sony is either doing them on purpose or don’t care about AOSP at all and doesn’t give a **** about it to get it right…

Two thoughts:

  1. Hanlon's razor - Wikipedia
  2. For doing it on purpose, which costs money, there would need to be a business case for it (otherwise you wouldn’t pay developers to do it). Which I doubt.

Yep. Like I said, just a conspiracy theory and a feeling… Thanks for the interesting Hanlon’s rule!

Xperia 10 uses interactive governor, which is not a bad choice. Newer devices moved to schedutil which is something widely used on linux, instead of Google’s interactive , but I think the kernel is so old for X10 it probably is the best choice.

Could the AOSP sources by Sony be better? Sure. Are they made by really few developers and often differ from stock configuration? Also yes. But in the end Sony is the only manufacturer that does that. And even imperfect configuration, but done by the manufacturer is better than starting from scratch.
Also, I don’t think those sources are that bad, they are decent.
As a user of X10 immediately from the moment it started being supported by SFOS till last months… it is a really shit device. Probably one of the worst phones I had in my life. Reading user reports from Android have similar problems to SFOS.
It seems other Sony devices work better, and I just moved to 10 III and minus a few bugs on SFOS side (cameras and sound) and after fixing that one bug in Sony’s config, the experience is really great. Even the battery life is surprisingly good. Yesterday and today survived full day of a roadtrip with one charge.
Sorry but X10 is a flawed device, or maybe its config too, all Sony’s are but this device in particular.

I’m quite happy owner of X10III myself too.
Well, wasn’t my original meaning to start ranting Sony here, big thumbs up that they have AOSP at all. I’ve never understood why Google allows AOSP to exist.

Anyhow, X10 with airplane mode on, only program on is Battery Buddy… 330mA drain, doing practically nothing. I don’t know where that current goes…

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Turn on the Battery-Safer mode, did you notice any changes?

Thanks, I’ll try this when I have the phone with me again :+1: