[xperia 10] avoid lock screen during call

Hi, by lock screen I mean the display going black during the calls, requiring to press a button to view information. This is extremely bothering for me; is it available a way for avoid it ?


The proximity sensor on your device should allow the screen to light when you take it away from your face, you shouldn’t have to tap/press anything.

I wonder if you have Low Power Mode activated in MCEtools?, I understand this can interfere with the proximity sensor during calls.

I haven’t low power mode activated, how can check proximity sensor if it working correctly?


You can check many hardware features of your device using CSDTool, which is built-in to the OS.

You can either enter ‘csd’ into terminal (easiest/quickest) or go to Settings/About product and tap 4-5 times on the Build number ~ swipe to accept. Tap on ‘Individual tests’ scroll down list for Proximity sensor and follow brief instructions.

You might also check if your screen protector blocks (and thus activates) the proximity sensor in one way or the other - in particular if the test with CSD fails.