Xperia 10 - after Flashing - stuck on red LED + blank screen

Hi there,

so after beeing a Jolla 1 user for several years i just got a Xperia 10 Dual Sim.
So i flashed Sailfish X on it - using the Howto from Jolla. This worked as described in the Howto without problems - right until step 8.8.
After Flashing i restarted the phone i get a reminder of the unlocking, the sony logo - and thats it. The screen only glows a little now and the LED is red. On my former Jolla 1 i would simply remove the battery - but this is not a solution for all Sonys.

I tried to find a solution myself - but couldn’t get anything working. So for over 2 hours now i get a phone with red LED - and thats it.

Any ideas, Tips etc. how to revive/restart the phone?

Unfortunately ran into issues installing Sailfish X upon Xperia 10 and had to resort to using “hairdryer” to warm up aluminium back cover sufficiently to work pry tool all the way around, to allow its removal and disconnect battery. There was a problem with my particular Xperia 10 as could send/receive texts but not make/receive calls although network data worked.

trying to avoid that i just found a solution: the search word needed was: sony xperia hard reset.

Result: Pressing On/Off + Volume up + Volume down all three at the same time gives a hard reset. After that the devices powers off and on again. At least im out off the “red led only” state.

so - a reflash now worked. The phone crashed once more after with red led blinking this time - but this could be resolved with a restart.

So overrall: the hard reset was the solution.