Xperia 10 & 10 ii | Support for 21:9 photos


Since Sailfish X is now implemented for 2 devices with 21:9 screens, it would be nice to introduce features that allow users to take advantage of that 21:9 format.

The features that would be most needed are the following:

  • Camera : ability to take photos in 21:9 format
  • Gallery : ability to crop a photo in 21:9 format




It would be especially useful for the wide lens on the Xperia 10 II. I believe 21:9 is even the default resolution for that lens in Android.

Just to note that the camera on Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 II devices is not reporting any supported resolutions with 21:9 aspect ratio, it reports 16:9 and 4:3 and some other not so common aspect ratios (widest is 16:5 but with smaller resolution which does not make it very useful). Android probably crops the images to 21:9 aspect ratio which could be done later in Sailfish. It would be possible to add such cropping feature to Gallery app but not sure if it would make sense in camera app to create a custom aspect ratio by cropping automatically unless it’s really wanted instead of manually cropping the images later.


Thanks for the explanation! I do believe a custom aspect ratio would make sense in this case. 21:9 is an interesting format for landscape photography (with a wide-angle lens) and catches people’s attention, making it instantly ‘shareable’ without having to manually modify it any further. Whether in reality it’s a crop of a 16:9 picture with the top and bottom cut off is probably irrelevant to most people.

Come to think of it, are there any plans to make it possible to set a different aspect ratio for each of the three back cameras?

Maybe I’m old, but I would rather see a standard photo aspect ratio of 3:2.


I think the cropping option in 21:9 format should be added to the Gallery app

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