Xperia 1 IV and/or 5 IV coming soon? What say you Jolla?

I saw a post elsewhere that said the SM8450 for Sony phones has been added to the Linux tree ( don’t reallllly know what this means for certain so I did not verify the statement I read.).

A quick search shows only the Xperia 1 IV and Xperia 5 IV use that chip.

Another quick search appears to suggest SailfishOS is the only Linux for those phones.

So Jolla, are we about to get a flagship level phone with official support??

Next question, will we also get a flaghsip quality experience, including camera and 5g support?

Be gentle if these are niave expecatations, I am still new here! I have had my Xperia 10iii for a month and love it.

Both are listed in Sony’s Open Device program (which means Sony offers AOSP sources for them) so there may be some chance. To be honest, there must be so much in the works at Jolla to make the OS usable on currently supported devices that I’d not bet on seeing support for the devices you mentioned any time soon.


Soooooo, it means that Android phones can use the the SM8450. It was added Dec 14, 2021.
This means not so much for SFOS. At least short term.

+ several others…

I still wonder why you expect any other answer than usual this time around?

??? “This time around?”

I have never asked about either of these phones. When I searched the forum before I posted I did not see the answer.

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With every version of the xperia 10, this question was raised …

Not by me as I have only been here for a month =)

Not as long as there is a development treadmill, moving on to a new device every year, before fixing the basic functionality of the last phone, then you won’t ever get to the performance of the X10 III Android.
It is time to stick to one phone and try and make it work properly and fully, fixing the show stopping basic function deficiencies.

  • Power drain
  • GPS operation
  • Camera operation
  • 4G, VoWifi, (and soon 5G)

As far as I am concerned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with mid range phones, and no lack of performance for the minimal demands I put on it. The above list are all things where performance falls well short of the (commercial) Android version, in fact where performance falls short of 5 year old commercial phones. A new chipset will have no effect on that - it just kicks the fix can down the road yet another year. A bigger image sensor doesn’t fix the camera software issues.

I am currently encouraged to see progress happening, and no announcement of support for a new phone. Hopefully it continues.

[Most of these issues seem to originate in the AOSP, and really, why would Sony put any effort into fixing them for a phone they probably stopped making in April (?) ]


Surely you don’t think it makes a difference that it is you asking?
(Or that it is the IV version as opposed to the earlier ones)

Alternatively Jolla might consider distributing a commercial postmarket os based distribution and join forces with other distros to improve hardware support in general?