XMPP fails to connect after upgrade to SFOS Koli 4.0.x - workaround available

Since this this workaround is under different thread and thus hard to find, it makes sense to have higher visibility here as well.

Problem: XMPP connection fails to be established after upgrade to Sailfish OS 4.0.x

Symptoms: Connection fails silently in UI. If you have access to server logs, then you may see generic connection errors in logs (e.g. for ejabberd “Failed to secure c2s connection: TLS failed: SSL_do_handshake failed: error:somenumber:SSL routines:tls_early_post_process_client_hello:unsupported protocol”)

Solution: As per @jpa advice here Missing support for TLS1.3 replace original telepathy-gabble (pkcon remove telepathy-gabble) and install the telepathy-gabble-plus package from openrepos.

Future: This bug is picked up by Jolla devs and may get fixed in future releases and you may want to revert to original state later. Also removing of telepathy-gabble-plus may be required before next bigger upgrade.

Sidenote: telepathy-gabble-plus contains fixes, that would be useful systemwide and I wonder if it is possible to incorporate this lib into mainline?


Upgraded from 4.0.x to and comments are:

  • telepathy-gabble-plus has to be removed before upgrade
  • this TLS-error has not been fixed in 4.1.x
  • if you encounter this error and want to use built-in XMPP client, then after upgrade you have to remove telepathy-gabble again and install from Openrepos telepathy-gabble-plus again
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