Xiaomi mi 11 lite

hello, is there any possibility for the development of sailfish or for xiaomi phones including mi 11 lite 4g

I won’t discourage you but this is something of concern.

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Heh guess that’s why one should run SFOS on those devices :slight_smile: It’s excellent hardware with some dubious software.
A pity those phones are huge, but still would love to have solid SFOS port for Xiaomi devices.

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You are right but when we use a smartphone we sell our data every time, to some companies more and to some less

Seriously, this is new. If it is not a necessity, why taking the risk?
About data mining: isn’t this one of the reasons to use Sailfish that does not track us all the time?

this is why i or we want to use sfos on our xiaomi phones for others it is a long discussion that has facts in both directions :wink:

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Apparently a link to Lithuania’s actual situation is inappropriate. The irony of a repressive government, that enforces data collection about all its citizens, complaining about illegal data collection is lost on “the community”

Throw out phones that probably send your data to the Chinese regime, but don’t worry about all other phones definitely sending your data to the US regime. Sure!

The subject was: Xiaomi phones and concerns about lack of safety because of build-in features. Also others in other countries have made clear that they are worried about these phones. That’s all.

Sure! Try to watch ‘A good American’ on Vimeo. It could have gone so much better. I never used Facebook, Whatsapp, no Amazon, nor do I have a Google account, so nothing googlish on my devices.

I agree with you 100%