XA2 update to 4.4 stuck at the end

Hi all,

I started the update from to version, and for a while everything went well, but then the progress bar reached the end, but it’s stuck there for over half an hour now. Any pointers as to what to do?

I tried to connect the phone to the computer, but it’s not being recognized at all. Neither lsusb nor dmesg report anything about the phone being connected. It’s been well over an hour now, no change.
So I guess I’ll have to restart it…
This is really disconcerting, that the update fails.

After a hard reset the phone did eventually boot, and so far everything looks to be ok. Strange…
If anyone wants’t to take a look at the logs, I have saved them after the reboot, so I can upload them if need be.

If you’re unsure about missing components, install sfos-upgrade and run sfos-upgrade --verify

Hmmm… Does not look good…

sfos-upgrade can be downloaded with Storeman or here:

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Ah, okay didn’t know that those scripts are not a part of the system. And after running them, it looks as if everything is installed and updated. Thanks for the tip!