XA2 Switch shows no sign of life anymore

Hi i had my xa2 running wirhout trouble suddenly it was off and shows no sign of life.
No reaction on reset, ne reaction on put to charge or connect to a pc.
Has anyone an idea to bring it alive?

Unfortunately not really

Did you also try to put it to flash mode (Vol-up while plugging USB to PC)?

What was the battery status (and/or life) like? Maybe completely dead?

Did it fall (maybe earlier)? Loose cable connection?
Or just out of the blue?

it was just out of the blue, it switch on the charger after 30 minutes but even with charger could hold the battery status seems to be a battery problem or a bug drain the battery massively. :sob: :scream:

I still have one of my first Jolla 1s which also drains the battery, dead after 24h (different batteries tested as well).
I am assuming a HW defect (as well for no reason, no fall, no issue).

Maybe try to back it up (root and home completely) and flash it anew to a vanilla state and check?

You can try a cold reboot, it is something with holding the power button (and may be a volume button) for 1,5 minutes…


thanks for your tips finally flashing android and back to sailfish fixed this for now :frowning: but still strange