(xa2) Strange behaviour when low on battery

Sometimes it happens that when battery is low (20% and lower), sailfish starts lagging like crazy, and seems i cannot send any sms (i haven’t tried calls anyway). Even weird is the fact that battery saving mode is not enabled and enabling it does not make any difference.

The only way to make sailfish work is to plug a charger and everything goes back to normal, but until that everything is painfully lagghy and slow.

Don’t know if it’s a bug so posted here, move if necessary

For the record, i’m using an xperia xa2 with the official license and the latest update…

Any hint/suggestion?

My old XA2 did the ssme, when i got the warning that the battery is low.

When i remember correctly all CPU cores are set to a lower frequency to extend battery life.

yea, this is ‘normal’ behaviour for an XA2…