XA2 licens to Xperia 10iii licens

I have used the XA2 licens for a time, happy with it. Now 2g/3g net will go down here so I wonder if its possible to convert the licens to Xperia 10iii in someway. If not, maybe Jolla should make a small discount for us that want to upgrade? So we dont need to buy “the same” licens twice.

How is the company supposed to make any money if people never buy new licences?


Hi, please do use the search facility to look for the same/similar questions already asked, this has been answered a number of times, the outcome is the same regardless of device type;

and also here, documents from Jolla;


I asked for a small discount :wink:

Thanks for linking, i tried the search function but did suck at it.

Like @attah, I can hardly stop myself from writing something scathing about business administration or forum search, but I don’t. I don’t think it attracts new users to Sailfish, or even keeps the new ones who have found their way here.
I think we should follow Jolla’s good example and actually show some patience with new users, even when patience is tested.

I don’t think we gain anything by following the old-fashioned Linux mentality, and turning Sailfish into a club for mutual admiration.


As a forum user I do understand where that comes from knee jerk reaction comes from - I do it myself :).
I just have to take it that I suck at using this forum.

In that case you probably suck at any forum, as do I.
I’ve been browsing different forums for more than 20 years, and the Linux ones have always been exceptional.

No, you asked for a full transfer (or at least that’s how i read it):

And only alternatively a discount.
I would not have answered if you only asked for a discount. While i don’t quite think it is warranted, it is a fair thing to ask.

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Whatever emotions or reactions are involved, fact is that Jolla licenses are not transferable.

Not from one user to another, not from one device model to another.


That’s not true. I broke the screen of my 10iii and Jolla transfered my license to my new 10iii.

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Honestly, with an average usage timespan of 3 years its 1,39€/month. Speak, its already a reduced price. I bought my XA2 license 4,8 years ago …
What I would like to say is that we should value Jolla’s work!


Exactly, you CAN transfer a license to a different device as long as that device is of the same model you bought the license for. That is, you can replace your XA2 with another XA2 or your 10III with another 10III but not from a XA2 to a 10III.

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still, sometimes they offer a discount, you can always wait for one of those :slight_smile:

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Yeah sorry I meant a different model.

The reason for a new license, that 2g, 3g will be discontinued, is inconclusive anyway, the XA2 can do 4g (LTE) very well.