[XA2] kernel: binder: transaction failed

My journal gets spammed with this message:

XperiaXA2-DualSIM kernel: binder: 2945:2945 --> 0:0 transaction failed 29189/0, size 32-0 line 2149

Always this identical line, precisely once per second.
Even the numbers are always the same (though I believe the first, 2945 in this case, changes after a reboot).

Various threads here contain journal output that contains such lines, but it is never addressed in the problem/solution.

So, everything seems to work regardless and I probably shouldn’t worry about it, but it annoys me still.

Any ideas what this “binder” even is? and where is this line 2149 that apparently causes the message?

I tried this:

zypper info $(zypper search --provides binder | grep ^i | cut -d\| -f2)

Which tells me that binder is some Android* kernel module that deals with all interfaces and has loads of plugins. That’s very wide…

How can I narrow it down?

Disclaimer: I know, it is NOT a problem. I could just ignore it. If that’s all you have to say, please don’t.

* hasnothing to do with the Android subsytem.

Just ignore it :wink:

Binder is basically the Android equivalent of dbus/udev.

IIRC the number after binder: is the PID of the process which tried a transaction. In my case, it seems to be ofonod, it probably - but this is pure guesswork - tries to do something with the modem.

The line is the line in the kernel source where the message was triggered.

Note that all of this is unrelated to Android Support and any apps - it’s from the base system which interacts with the “Android kernel”.

Myself, I have put this in my local journald config:

grep -i kms /etc/systemd/journald.conf.d/*

Doesn’t get rid of anything but quiets down the journal.

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Thanks for the tips.

Yes, it’s ofonod for me too.

I will try to quiet it down a little.

Doesn’t the 2nd override the first?

I now also realize that Bluetooth doesn’t work after boot until I restart it via Utilities.

I don’t think it’s directly related - it does not influence the log message - but maybe indirectly.