XA2 and ivonaTTS, no voices found

I am trying to get TTS working, but i miss something.

The TTS from google (com.google.android.tts) works. Install app,
download the language-file, ready. But it is also faulty. After
a while it stops working, i have to reenable it. And so on. Whatever,
it was only for testing, dont want to use it longterm.

But not with ivona. The voice(s) wouldnt be found. hmm.

On my android phone everythings working with this setup. I have to put
the voices in the phone-storage (Android/obb)

But here, i am trying since hours, didnt work. You see logcat (E) - the
voice could not be found. Right, same in the settings, no voices available.

So, where is in aliendalvik the “right” place? I tried a lot.
Somebody here has this up and runnig with ivonaTTS?

parts of my logcat here:
I TextToSpeech: Sucessfully bound to com.ivona.tts
I TtsEnginePrefFragment: Success
I TTSServiceActivation: start
I TextToSpeech: Connected to ComponentInfo{com.ivona.tts/com.ivona.ttslib.ics.IVONATextToSpeechService}
I TextToSpeech: Set up connection to ComponentInfo{com.ivona.tts/com.ivona.ttslib.ics.IVONATextToSpeechService}
D TtsEnginePrefFragment: Updating engine: Successfully bound to the engine: com.ivona.tts
E IVONATTS: Cannot load voice junction.
V SettingsProvider: Notifying for 0: content://settings/secure/tts_default_synth
W DevicePolicyManager: Package com.ivona.tts (uid=10062, pid=1781) cannot access Device IDs
W TelephonyPermissions: reportAccessDeniedToReadIdentifiers:com.ivona.tts:getDeviceId:isPreinstalled=false:isPrivApp=false

Sailfish OS (Kvarken)
[ro.product.model]: [Xperia XA2 (AOSP)]
[ro.product.name]: [aosp_h3113]

Put the language file directory in


and they shoud be detected.

For example /home/nemo/android_storage/ivona/deu.deu.marlene would be the correct path to Marlenes voice.

But the speech output is not working for me, haven’t checked any logs yet.

It s the same result - no voices found. For me it is /home/defaultuser… and permission should be ok, but nothing found :confused:

Which directorys are scanned, when you press Install Voice Data in Ivona Settings?

sorry, i do not understand this question.

I am installing ivonaTTS and ivonaVoiceMarlene as an apk with the gui. When I start the app MarleneVoice it opens a windows and would download the language file. This this download isnt working, because the server doesnt exists anymore. So in the past, i put the language-files in Android/obb and everything was working. I mean, on my real Android-phone (S5 with Android11), not Sailfish.

I installed ivona.tts_1.0.0.0c.apk. Created the directory ivona in android_storage. Then i copied the deu.deu.marlene directory into the newly created ivona directory. The following files are in this directory:


The file lang_de_de.dat has to be renamed to lang_de_de_marlene.dat.

Open Android settings, got to System - Sprachen und Eingabe - Erweitert -Sprachausgabe. Selct Ivona TTS and click on the gear icon, this opens Ivona settings. Tap on Install voice data and see if it finds the files.

This works for me.

I’m not sure if i am allowed to share the files i used, but everything can be found here:

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Thanks for your answer and description. My packages are a little bit newer than yours.
But i will try the other manual from the links, i have something more to read about now!

-# dumpsys package com.ivona.tts | grep versionName

-# dumpsys package com.ivona.tts.voicebeta.fra.fra.celine | grep versionName

-# dumpsys package com.ivona.tts.voicebeta.deu.deu.marlene | grep versionName

No poblem, i hope you can get it working.

My installed Marlene voice files have the version number ivona-1.6.27-kindle1.

Now, it is up and running!
The links and files from reddit were working for this solution, many thanks!